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Russian Stuffed Peppers #Recipe

This is part two in the Russian Dining At Home "series", and as promised, I'm going to tell you how to make a meal that both looks and tastes amazing! This meal does take a little prep time, but it's pretty simple, and you and your family will enjoy the results. So without further ado, let's get started!

Russian Stuffed Peppers

2 1/2 cups cooked Rice (I used brown, but you could also use white)
8-10 Bell Peppers (red, yellow, or green will work)
1 lb. Ground Turkey
1 lb. Ground Pork
2 Eggs
4 Carrots, grated (I was out of regular carrots, so subbed about 32 baby carrots and it worked great)
3 Tbsp Oil
1 Tbsp Butter
1 Jar Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce
2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese (optional; not in the original recipe, but our family loves cheese!)

Podliva Sauce Ingredients:
2 Tbsp Oil
2 Carrots, grated (or about 8-10 baby carrots)
1 tsp. Mrs. Dash Seasoning
1 Tbsp Sour Cream
3/4 cup Tomato Sauce

Cut off the top of each pepper, and remove the seeds. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Add 2 Tbsp vinegar and a sprinkle of salt. Place peppers in pot, and add more water if needed to ensure the peppers are almost completely immersed/covered. Boil, covered, for 3 minutes, then turn off heat and let peppers sit for 45 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. Note, be sure to reserve 3 cups of the water, as you will need this later on.

In a large skillet, heat 3 Tbsp oil and butter. Add grated carrots and sauté. Add 1/4 jar of spaghetti sauce, sauté 1 minute. Remove from heat. In a large bowl, mix together cooked ground meats, and cooked rice. Stir in eggs, cheese, and sautéed carrots.

Drain peppers and let sit on a dry surface (I used a dish towel to let them drain once removing them from the water). Again, be sure you save 3 cups of the water! Fill each pepper with the meat/rice mixture. Arrange filled peppers in a dutch oven.

For the sauce, heat 2 Tbsp oil, sautee 2 grated carrots and add Mrs. Dash seasoning. Once carrots are soft, add 1 Tbsp sour cream and 3/4 cup tomato sauce. Saute for 1 minute, remove from heat. Pour sauce over the top of each filled pepper. Add 3 cups of reserved water from peppers to the pan (without pouring over the top of the peppers).

Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes, until water is boiling. Reduce heat to 350 and bake 1 hour. Serve with additional sour cream.

As I said, these stuffed peppers look great, and they taste amazing! The family loved them, and everybody went back for seconds. They also make great leftovers for lunch the next day; just reheat in the microwave.

So, who's going to serve their family a traditional Russian meal soon?! Believe me, you will get rave reviews! I mentioned last week that we will be trying some ethnic meals and desserts pretty frequently now, so if there's a particular dish or maybe a country/region you'd like to see featured, leave a comment and let us know!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Easy Steps For Refreshing Your Garden

Like any part of your home, there are times when you can feel that your garden isn’t looking its best. Whether it's rough turf or a total weed infestation, there are many things you can do to refresh the look of your garden. Even if it’s looking like a jungle out there, don’t let it get to you! Here are some easy ways you can get your garden looking like a mini paradise again!

Image from Wikimedia
If you know your garden looks off, but you can’t quite put your finger on the issue, you might be looking in all the wrong places! A totally refreshed look to your garden could be as simple as repairing your fence. When the paint’s peeling and nails are coming loose, it can have a profound negative effect on the whole area. A fresh lick of paint could be just what you need. If your fence is looking really terrible and money’s not an issue, then you might want a new fence altogether. After a service from a firm like Fencemakers fencing & gates, you’ll be amazed at how much neater everything looks!
Keeping a garden uncluttered can be tough. Cushions, rusted barbies and children’s toys can all bring down the overall appearance of your garden. Clearing all of this away can sometimes be as easy as getting some better storage. Sheds are a pain to build, but once the job’s over you’ll be thankful for the extra space. If you have a smaller garden, and can’t fit one of these in, then a garden chest could be a better option. Choose the right one, and it could double as a stylish ornament! In my experience, the most universal chests have a cream or oak-coloured finish.
Your garden’s issue might be the lack of plant life. Like many of us, you might like looking out onto beautiful flowers, but hate anything to do with gardening! Don’t worry, help is at hand! With ready-planted pot plants or hanging baskets, you can add all the colour and texture to your garden you could want. There won’t be any digging around in the dirt. Just decide where to put them and keep them watered!
It’s pretty common to have dirt and weeds build up in the cracks of patios and decking after a while. To make sure you clear all of this away, hire in a professional pressure-washing service. Of course, it would save you money to grind away at that kind of dirt yourself. Once you get started though, you might come to regret it pretty quickly. For the price you pay, pressure washing gives extremely good value, and will save you from a lot of back-breaking work.
Take my little nuggets of advice, and you’ll see your garden totally transformed! No matter how terrible things look out there, get stuck in sooner rather than later. It may take a lot of work to get your garden looking fantastic, but you’ll thank yourself when it’s all over with.

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How to Make Your Son's Birthday Extra Special

Every parent wants their son’s birthday to be extra special. But it’s not always easy meeting those high expectations that you set for yourself. If you’re struggling for ideas, here is are some ideas how you can make your boy’s day the most special birthday they’ve ever had.

Start the Day Early

Make sure everyone gets to bed early the night before the big day. We all know that the day has to start early when it’s your son’s birthday. They will be up and getting you up not long after the crack of dawn as the excitement of the day gets the better of them. Make sure you have the morning planned out. Depending on what your birthday routines and traditions are, you might want to make a special breakfast to start the day. Or you might let them open their presents and birthday cards before you do anything else. The key to success is having it all planned out in advance.

Spend the Morning Doing Something Fun Together

If you ask me, the morning of your son’s party should be spent with the family doing something fun. They can play with toys and see their friends later in the day. But make the morning the time in which you have some family time. They will appreciate and understand this if you explain to them how the day is going to be planned out. You could choose something they love, or you could do something together that they’ve never done before. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you make it fun and also focused on them. It is their birthday after all, right?

Bake a Special Cake

As we all know, one of the best parts of any birthday is the birthday cake. It’s a tradition that most families have. And the only thing better than buying a cake is making your own one that’s extra special and personalised. You can bake whatever kind of cake you think your son will enjoy eating most. But make sure that you add some touches to it. It not only has to taste good, but it also has to look amazing too. You can easily follow a basic cake recipe and then have some fun playing around with the icing once it comes out of the oven. And, remember, the candles are important too!


Create Your Own Games

Your son will love playing some unusual games on their birthday. Don’t just let them sit in front of the television playing on a game console all day though. They can do that kind of thing any day of the week, but their birthday should be a little different and unexpected. Why not create new games? There are plenty of ideas for party games and games that can be played with the family online. It’s much better to do something social rather than let them do things that are dull and boring. If you use your imagination, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with something that’s fun and out of the ordinary.

Get the Gift Right

Gift giving is a big and important part of any child’s birthday. For most of them, it’s the part of the day that gets them most excited. So, this puts pressure on you, as the parent, to make sure that the gift you buy is just right. If you ask me, it’s often best to play it safe and get them something you know that they want and will like. You can then complement this gift with some other smaller things if you like. The main present might be a G Gauge train set or a new basketball hoop in the back yard. As long as you know it’s something they will love, treasure, and get a lot of fun out of, it’s a good gift!

Make Some Decorations by Hand

When it’s your child’s birthday, you will need to decorate the place to make it feel right. An undecorated home is simply wrong when it’s your son’s birthday. You can make the home feel special by making some decorations by hand. This is something your son can get involved with before their friends come over later. Blowing up balloons and creating paper chains can be a lot of fun in itself, so make the most of it. They don’t have to be particularly complicated or impressive. Simple decorations are often the best ones anyway, so don’t worry too much about how they look.


Invite Their Friends Over

You could have a small party in the afternoon. And before you dismiss the idea as out of hand, hear me out. A party doesn’t have to be the huge chaotic nightmare that parents often think of when the hear the words ‘kids birthday party’. They can also be sedate and relaxed affairs. OK, maybe not exactly relaxed. But you can certainly limit the chaos and mayhem by asking your son to pick just two or three friends that they want to spend the afternoon with. This is often a lot more fun for them than having 30 kids around anyway. Put on some junk food that they can snack on and let them occupy themselves. You might even find some time to put your feet up.

End the Day with a Movie Night

This is a really fun way to finish off the day when your son is starting to feel tired out by the excitement and activity of the day. Pick a movie that they love or a new one that they’ve never seen before. They can relax on the sofa in front of the TV with you and unwind. It’s the perfect end to a great day. You can watch the movie with their friends if they’re still over. And buy some popcorn that you can stick in the microwave and eat warm. Or buy some other snacks if they don’t really like popcorn.

Prepare Your Home For A Pet With These Super Tips

Bringing a new pet into your home requires quite a bit of careful planning and organization. For a start, your pet will be nervous and excited. A new environment can be quite daunting for any animal. And if the pet has not met you or your family before, it may take a little time for your new pet to settle in.

To make sure the first few hours go smoothly, plan your introductions carefully. If it’s just you in the home, then it should be a little easier to manage. If you need to introduce excitable children to your new pet, it’s best to do this one at a time spread out over a few hours.

Start by preparing the areas where your pet will be sleeping and eating. Your pet will need a cozy bed that is out of the way of the rest of the family. It will help them feel more comfortable and secure. And we all need somewhere to sleep where we won’t be disturbed! The eating area should also be out of the way of family activity. Some animals can become quite possessive about their food. If there are lots of people around, they may feel threatened.

Many pets enjoy playing, especially young animals like puppies and kittens. Have a few toys that encourage play and fun. Finally, if you have a new pet dog, it’s time to get collars and leads ready, so you can take him out for walks.

Your home isn’t going to stay clean for long with a new pet. All animals shed fur, so you’ll need a good vacuum to keep on top of it. You can find a review of the best vacuum for pet hair online. You may want to invest in a carpet cleaner and mop for hard floors too. While cats will wash themselves, dogs may need to be bathed and showered off after muddy walks. A utility area with a hose can be ideal.

When you first bring your new pet home, bring him into a room where you can sit comfortably for half an hour or so. This should ideally be the room where the pet’s bed is. Your pet will sniff around and explore the layout of the room. Keep doors shut so there aren’t any other places for your pet to go right now.

atroywy provided the image

After a while, your pet may settle in their basket. This can be a good time to open the door to the next room and sit in there for a while. Your pet is likely to follow you. If there are more people to meet, have just one or two of them in that room. TVs should be low volume, and activities should be quiet and calm at this stage. Keep adding rooms and people little by little until your pet feels comfortable with the home and everyone in it.

Introducing a nervous pet to a new home can take a lot of patience and time. It’s best to get on with your day to day activities, so there is less attention on the pet at first. Offer cuddles whenever they are required to help assure your pet you are a person to be trusted. Enjoy your new fur friend!

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Ideas for Building a Multi-generational Home

Multi-generational living would have been common not too long ago. It's still a very popular thing to do in many countries where there's a great emphasis on family values. And it's now coming back into popularity in places like the USA, Australia and the UK. People who need to look after elderly parents are considering bringing the whole family together. There could be two, three or even four generations in one property. It can mean being able to pool together funds from four or more adults. The larger funds make it possible to consider building a custom home, instead of buying. If it's something you're considering, here are some of the things you could do.


Separate Buildings

Even though you love and care for your family, you don't necessarily want to be living on top of them. For many families, it's practical to be close, but they don't need to share living space. One of the options you might consider is living on the same plot but in different buildings. You could choose to have a series of small buildings, or perhaps a large space and some smaller cottages. A larger, central house could serve as somewhere for everyone to eat and perhaps enjoy a meal together. But everyone can have their own homes so they can have privacy too.

Annexes and Studios

A number of different buildings can take up a lot of space. Another idea that could be more economical is to have annexes, studios or separate wings of a house. You could also consider giving a different floor to each generation of the family. They could all have their own entrances so you don't disturb each other all the time. Designing a home like this could be complicated, so try getting a design team on board. Monogram Homes can help you design your luxury property so that you get everything you need. You need experts to give you assistance with getting it right.


Communal Space

Even though you want to live separate lives, you're sure to want to spend some time together too. Having space that's big enough for everyone will give you somewhere to have dinner or just sit and talk. There are a few ways you could approach having enough space. You might have a main house where one generation lives and everyone can gather there when they want to. Creating an outdoor living space for everyone is also a great idea, and you might want to include a pool.


Accessibility and Practical Considerations

When multiple generations are living in the same home, you'll have young and old people together. There could also be pets to think about. One of the things you'll need to think about is accessibility for older family members and anyone with a disability. Don't forget to consider making your home suitable for children too. You also need to think about how everyone likes to live, from cooking to sports and relaxing in the evenings.

Building a multi-generational home is a tough task. It might take a long time to complete, but it will be worth it in the end.

How Can You Tell When You're Really Ill?

Anyone who has battled with weight over the years, is often a little more cautious when feeling rundown. There are so many conditions you have to be wary of when you’re not slim and fit. This is one reason why I work so hard to push myself to improve my health and fitness. I don’t want to get sick, and I don’t want to feel like I can’t do the things I want to do.

Let’s face it, we all get run down or feel poorly once in awhile. Coughs and colds are certainly the worst offenders in my house. However, there are times when you might feel like you just can’t shift that tickle, or maybe that pain in your sinus has been there a little too long. And how long is flu supposed to last for anyway? It’s so difficult to know when there is a more serious problem going on.

Very high temperatures shouldn’t be ignored, especially in kids. The higher your temperature, the less likely you’re going to be thinking straight about what action to take next. Often, paracetamol can help bring it down. Drink plenty of water when your temperature is high, but head to the doctor if it won’t come down. It could be a symptom of an infection, especially if you’ve had an injury or illness lately.

Generally speaking, I will head to my doctor if I can’t do what needs to be done. When I’m feeling so terrible that I can’t even heat up some soup, I know that I should get checked out. But I am also very aware that some serious illnesses might not affect you like that. For example, COPD symptoms are much like any cough you might get that sits on your chest.

Another reason for getting in touch with your doctor is if you have a cough that just won’t quit. Any cough that’s still there after two weeks needs to be checked out, I think. If you’ve tried cough remedies and nothing has eased it, then it could be the first sign that there are problems. And so what if it’s nothing? You’ve at least had that assurance not to worry anymore, and you can get on with life again.

Feeling tired is a pretty common thing for all of us. If you’ve got kids, chances are you’re feeling tired all the time! But if you feel more tired than usual, and you just can’t perk yourself back up, then it could be time to head to the doctor. Excessive tiredness could be a sign of a thyroid problem, sleep apnoea, or even diabetes. There are lots of causes, but only your doctor can help you get to the bottom of it.

Regular checkups seem to be a thing of the past for many people. We’re either too busy, or too worried about the expense of it all. But if your doctor is recommending tests and checks, it’s a good idea to have them. Identifying a problem early can give you the best chance of recovery after all. It’s so hard to tell if you’re ill at all sometimes.

Photography Fun!

Hey neighbors!

My daughter and I are working more on our camera skills this year.  She has a really good eye for pictures.  I on the there hand enjoy taking pictures.  We both now have Lightroom on our computers to edit our photos.  We both have the Canon T3i and I also own a Canon T5.  We have picked up and few extra lenses and are now taking a huge amount of photos one day and then spending a couple of days, many hours, editing.  We compare pictures and of course help each other.  Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of photos here to show you how it is going.  They will only be my photos, as she puts most of hers on her own website: .

Here is the first one I want to share.  I will post the original, and then show you what it became after editing.

Here is another that I took of Modesty while we were out.

And here is an older eagle picture I pulled in to Lightroom.

And here is one more of some pelicans.

Please leave a comment or two.  Let me know if you really like one, really dislike one, or just a thumbs up.  Thanks for stopping in!

Top Home Improvements To Raise The Value Of Your House

If you’re thinking about selling your home later in the year, you might want to consider what you can do to make sure you hit that ceiling price. It’s not always easy to get the price you want for your home. Many people take on home renovations as a way to boost the value and appeal when the property goes on the market. Some renovations can be more appealing than others. And some will add a lot of value too.

Think about when you look around people’s homes. If you’re buying a house soon, you will probably be most interested in the size of the rooms, and the quality of the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the three top things to consider when you want to put your own property on the market. Real estate can be tough to sell if you don’t have an attractive offering.

Kitchens should be practical, especially in a family room. There should be space for an island or a breakfast table. Cupboards should provide adequate storage solutions. Built in appliances are very popular too. If your kitchen is due for an update, it is worth considering having this done before you sell. A kitchen remodel is very attractive to a potential buyer.

When you look for builders to complete the work, be sure you have a clear idea what you are looking for. You may have some pictures saved on Pinterest or in a scrapbook. This will help you see the style and structure you are interested in. However, your builders may have a portfolio of designs to show you that could pique your interest too!

Bathrooms should be immaculate. They need to appear brand new, even if they’re a decade old. Grouting, tiles, and seals should be brilliant white. A mold and mildew spray can usually bring them back up. If not, consider replacing what is past salvage. Built in storage that covers pipe work is very attractive. Always keep your products away in the cupboard. It keeps the room tidy for when people come to view it.

A master suite should have a good private bathroom. If you can fit a bathtub in there, that can be very appealing. Natural light is desirable here too. Open windows provide the best ventilation for these areas. Choose strong wall colors that match the color scheme of the bedding well.

Rooms can feel very small when they are cluttered. Try to clear out everything that doesn’t truly belong in there. People don’t mind clutter in basements or garages as much as seeing it in the living spaces. However, using a storage unit to minimize your personal possessions around the home might be a good idea.

Make sure your rooms are dressed for their purpose. Dining rooms should have a table and chairs, and bedrooms should have beds. Built in storage is highly desirable and helps to declutter the house. Consider open plan spaces as it can make the home feel more spacious with a better flow. Present the lifestyle your buyer is aspiring to and your house will be sold in no time!

Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring

Tap My Trees Review

Hey neighbors!

I am so excited about this review this Starter Kit with Aluminum Buckets from Tap My Trees.   have always thought that tapping trees  and making maple syrup always looked interesting, so when we had the option to do a review for Tap My Trees, I jumped at the chance.
Tap My Trees Review
We received the entire starter kit that basically comes with everything needed for tapping 3 of your own trees.  Included are:
3 - Aluminum 3 Gallon Buckets
3 - Metal Lids
3 - Spiles (explained later)
3 - Hooks
1 - Maple Sugaring At Home Book
1 - Drill Bit 7/16
1 - Cheesecloth

Tap My Trees Review

The very first thing we did was read through the book.  It is about 44 pages long, so you could even if read it aloud with your children over a couple of days.  If you have older children you can assign them to read the book.  The book covers each step of the Maple Sugaring Process.  One of the most important steps of course is making sure you have a maple tree in your yard or perhaps in a friend or family members yard that you can use.  You will learn the best time to tap your tree, how to tap the tree and of course the steps to follow for turning it into syrup.  There are plenty of black and white illustrations for those who like seeing what they are describing.

Tap My Trees Review

Now, once you have chosen your tree and the season is right, you will clean all your buckets, metal lids and spiles. I really appreciate them including the correct size drill bit as well as everything else.  After drilling your holes (read the book to learn more), you insert the spiles.  I told you above that these would be explained.  They are the metal spouts you insert into the tree.  After these are in place, there are hooks that attach to the spiles to hold the buckets.  The lids of course are placed over your buckets to prevent unwanted things from ending up floating in your sap.  You definitely do not want rain, snow, bugs, or branches ending up in your bucket with the sap.  The cheesecloth is used for straining your sap when you transfer it from the bucket to a secondary container before boiling.  These are not complete instructions, but give you an idea of what must be done.  (Don't want to ruin the book.)

The book continues with collecting the sap, making maple syrup and such.  They also include other uses for the sap.  For instance, some people drink the sap.  Not exactly something I want to try, but I have a feeling my children will.  There are pages at the back for drawing a map of the trees in your yard, as well as keeping notes.

We are going to try using trees in a friends yard.  He lives on the edge of a state park and has many more trees in his yard than we do.  Yes, the trees are his, not ones the state park owns.  We only have a few trees in our yard period.  We will probably not be able to try this until mid-February.

 Since I have never tapped trees before, this is just my opinion, but the equipment sent looks very well made.  The book is informative and from reading it, I believe we will be able to follow through on tapping some trees and collecting the sap.  I believe teenagers would be able to do most of this with adult supervision for the drilling of the trees.

This kit would make a great homeschool project.  You can use it as a science project, or, you just might like to attempt this for fun!  Plan it as a family event even.

Tap My Trees has other kits and supplies available, so be sure to visit their website.  There is also a lot of other tree tapping and maple sugaring information found on the website.  The FAQ list will answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Take a moment to click on the link below to see what other Crew members had to say.

Tap My Trees Review

Crew Disclaimer

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Never Forget Those Baby Moments

They say the real precious baby moments are unforgettable. The trouble is they are replaced with another unforgettable moment straight away and so on! There is no way to remember and hold onto everything. The truth is every moment you share with your baby is precious. You have been looking forward to this time for so long and it passes by so quickly. You really have to be proactive to capture the whole beauty of your baby’s early days and months. Here are a few thoughts on preserving the memory in ways that will allow you to revisit them again and again.

Start a Memory Box

This will be a treasure trove of the future. You will love to come back to this again and again. Start it as soon as you can! You could even hold memories here of the baby shower. Make it more than a list of guests. Start to save cards and mementos. Save as much as you can. Many mothers to be like to have a copy of their scans. It can be incredible to think what a tiny precious person you have beginning to form inside you. As you begin to collect first outfits and toys, it can be fun to recall who they are from. As the big day draws near, you’ll have lots of things to think about. So the sooner you can get organized and start your box the better.

With the arrival you will probably be inundated with gifts, cards and well wishers. This is another treasure trove to hang onto. Don't worry about filing them now, just keep storing and collecting. Later on you might want to put these items into a scrapbook, but for now just collect everything you can, even the arm or leg tag from the hospital. There will come a time when you won't believe how small and tiny they were.

Pictures and Video

Cameras are everywhere these days and it is really common for us to take rather a lot of pictures. Mostly these are forgettable and the quality is not always that good. But take as many pictures as you can! You may or may not want to have the birth itself as a subject but that is entirely up to you!

It can be really worth while getting the advice of a professional newborn baby photographer. You can arrange to have some amazing pictures taken that you can be really proud of. These will be the type of pictures that you will treasure forever and want to share. Things move so quickly in the early days, weeks and months that it is well worth scrapbooking your special family photos.

Baby Book

You will never forget this one opportunity. Buy a First Baby Book and use it to record everything you can about your baby and the amazing changes that are happening. Here you can record every minute moment and movement. This is a place for you to write down your thoughts as well. It can be a fascinating and even funny record of your early days and nights, which are pretty much the same thing! Try and keep it for a year and you will be amazed at the fascinating journey you have both undertaken.

As sure as day follows night and night follows day, your baby will grow. Keeping a record will enable you both to treasure these unforgettable moments for ever.

Preparing The Home For Wheelchair Accessibility

When someone who is wheelchair bound comes to live in a home, there are lots of changes that need to be made. It is their home, so of all places, it should be the one where they do not feel like they have to sacrifice any comfort or ease-of-access. There are lots of ways to make the home easier to live in, from mobility to accessing all parts of the home with ease. There are also others that can increase the level of independence a physically challenged person feels within the home. This article looks to cover all the ways that a home can be made more accommodating for those bound to their wheelchairs.

Widening door ways
One of the considerations that needs to be made straight away is widening any doorways within the home. Of course, all doors should be able to be accommodate the width of a wheel chair. It has the added benefit of making the house feel like it has more space, too.

More floor space
In just about every room, the arrangement of furniture and fixtures should be carefully considered. Cluttered spaces can be claustrophobic and can inhibit the mobility of a wheelchair user in a very impractical manner. Reconsider the coffee table for more compact surfaces and leave as much floor space for the wheelchair user to be able to manoeuvre on their own through their own home.

Adjustable height surfaces
To allow more independence for wheelchair users, it is best if all the surfaces they need access to are within reach. Certainly, within their own room, it is important to keep all wardrobes, drawers, desks and surfaces at their height. For desks and vanities, there are several with fold down tops that allow for more space when they’re not in use. However, to truly allow independence, it’s equally advisable that the table and countertops for the bathroom and kitchen are also of adjustable height. This means they need as little assistance as possible in these rooms.

Image from

Ramps that allow the wheelchair user to enter the home without needing to be escorted in are mandatory. Ramps can be installed for steps of all heights and can be made of several materials to fit the style and needs of the user. There are also ramps with rails to help those with somewhat more limited mobility. It’s just a matter of finding the one that fits your specifications.

Indoor lifts
There are all kinds of disabled lifts that can installed into the home. Some don’t require as much effort to install as the others. Others allow for a lot more independent movement and safe transportation from floor to floor. If you’re living in a multiple story house, it’s important that the wheelchair user has complete access to all the rooms in the home. This saves you from the much task of renovating an extra bathroom, which can be a good deal more expensive that the different lifts on offer.

Image from Pixabay

Door phones/cameras
It is important that the locks and knobs for all doors in the home are on an accessible level. But equally important is that everyone in the home is able to answer the door. As for anyone practising home safety, a wheelchair user should have the option of seeing who is at the door before answering it. To this purpose, there are several door phones, cameras and intercoms that can easily be installed to the door. This allows the physically challenged members of the family full independence of answering the front door safely.

Accessible showers
For self-confidence and privacy reasons, it is vital that the wheelchair user has the accessibility to wash themselves. There are lots of different times of accessible showers you can install in the home. Showers with wide openings and low thresholds allow maximum access. Make sure the showers you choose meet the ADA size standards so you have a shower that your wheelchair user can actually access.

Being able to cook within the home can do a lot for the independence and confidence of wheelchair users. Make sure the heights of kitchen counters and islands are of adjustable height so they can reach them. There are lot of tips specifically for chefs with physical disabilities. From preparation techniques to appliances that will suit them much better, this site is full of great tips. We also have some advice of our own when it comes to renovating your kitchen with adding extra space in mind.

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Accessible toilets
Another aspect of private life that should be made a lot more available to wheelchair users is the use of the toilet in peace. There are lots of specific toilets you can get for wheelchair users as well as other additions that can help. Handrails that can folded up and extended so that anyone with a physical disability can use them to lift themselves on the toilet, for example. It’s also important to have a red cord installed in the bathroom in the cases of a fall or accident. They’re free to install with the right government help and are vital to the health and safety of physically challenge family members.

Profiling beds
Profiling beds are those that reposition to help those inside sit up. They are tremendously helpful for wheelchair users transferring themselves from bed to seat. There are also lots of different varieties, so if one option is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit your body well, all you have to do is go for a different model.

Exercise gear
It’s important to keep yourself active and healthy, regardless of your physical challenges. This site has a lot of fitness gear on offer, mainly for those with mobility troubles. From weights and tension bands to balls specifically designed to build the strength of your hands and wrists.

We hope this guide has been helpful. When a wheelchair user enters the home, it’s important that they feel at home. This means comfort, independence and confidence. The more parts of the home that are sealed off to them without assistance, the less a home it can feel. So do take this advice to heart and make the necessary renovations.