Monday, December 14, 2015

Wooden Games For Christmas From!

Playing games are one of our family's favorite ways to spend time together. Whether it's the whole family getting together for game night on Friday, or a few of us pull out a game on a whim during the afternoon, we LOVE games! Recently we received a new game to learn and enjoy, called Aggravation. Yes, a game called Aggravation, and it is both fun and aggravating at times!

The game is a very basic-looking game, but it is so well made-a solid wood board, and marbles for the playing pieces. Not some cheapo cardboard game board, and little plastic pieces. This is a game that is built to last, and your family will enjoy playing it for years! There are two ways to play; if you have 4 or 6 players, you can play "partners", but we have been playing the standard way, every man for themselves. To play, set up your four marbles in the starting area (each color has their own area with painted holes), then roll the die. Players need a 1 or 6 to move from the starting area to the starting hole (another painted hole), and then moves around the board clockwise. The winner is the first player to move all 4 of their marbles around the board to the home area. 

The aggravation comes in when a player lands on another player's marble-which knocks the opponent's marble back to their starting area! Yes, this definitely can get frustrating if you're the one being knocked back to start-but fun for the one doing the bumping! Game play time varies, depending on the number of players, and the amount of times someone gets bumped back to the starting area. The fun part is that you can play with just 2 people, or up to 6. It's good, clean fun for the whole family!

Be sure to check out this holiday season, as they have a great selection of board games, croquet games, handmade toys, doll furniture, scooters, playsets and more! You can shop for the whole family on this one website!

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i like the scooter; it really makes me want one -craftyone