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Travelling Days: The Top Places To Visit In Italy That Aren’t Rome

Hi Neighbors!

Like all major cities, Rome monopolizes most of the tourism in Italy, and for good reason. Rome is an ancient city that is full of culture and attractions that you cannot miss, from the historical sites to the unmissable Colosseum. Visiting Rome is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should try if they get the opportunity. However, there is more to Italy than this great city, and it is time to become more aware. Traveling Italy is not about just taking in one city or one place – it is about taking in as many as physically possible.


What do you associate Italy with the most?  One of your answers might be the Mafia because they are ingrained in the minds of many people as being Italian. Sicily is the birthplace of the Cosa Nostra and the best place to experience the customs that you see in the movies. To this day, the mafia is still a big part of life on the island, which is one reason to visit. Plus, the rolling hills and the archaic stone towns that occupy the lands are a sight for sore eyes. If you want to experience the ‘real’ Italy, Sicily is the place.


Pompeii is an immortal part of European history. Even though it happened more than a century ago, the tragedy in 79 AD still holds long in the memory. The city was hit by a volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius, and the lava and ash from the eruption have preserved the city. To this day, you can walk around the city and see life as it was in 79 AD as the area is in stone. Herculaneum is a less known site that was hit by the eruption, so check that out as well if you have the time.

The Italian Lake District

Have you ever been to the Lake District in the UK? Well, the lakes in Italy are nothing like their British counterparts! For starters, the weather is far nicer, as you would imagine. Plus, the lakes are not surrounded by huge hills and mountains, more cliffs and coastal precipices. In all honesty, the Italian Lakes are incredibly beautiful and need to be on your bucket list when you visit Italy.

The Rolling Hills Of Umbria

Have you even heard of the rolling hills of Umbria before? Not many people have as they are a well-kept secret. Although people refer to it as Tuscany’s poorer cousin, that is not a slight on the area. As the name suggests, the area is full of hills and amazing countryside scenery that most do not associate with Italy. If you want to take a break from the likes of Rome, Turin and Venice, the Umbrian Hills is the place to visit.


You cannot take in Italy without going to the most cultural place in the whole of the country. Florence is home to the best in art and culture thanks to its history. A plethora of the greatest artists ever to live called Florence home, from Galileo to Dante. And, there is the royal history of the Medici that you cannot miss.


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