Saturday, December 12, 2015

Teleidoscope From Kaleidoscopes To You #HGG2015

Hi Neighbors!

How many f you remember the fun of playing with a kaleidoscope?  I do!  I remember sitting there turning the end of the kaleidoscope and watching the colors shift and change.  Kaleidoscopes to You offers you the same enjoyment you used to have, except they have taken it to the next level.  Not only do they carry the same type of Kaleidoscopes you remember playing with as a child, but they offer some of the most beautiful Kaleidoscopes I have ever seen for adult enjoyment and/or display.

Kaleidoscopes to You has a huge selection of kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes.  They run from the very basic, to some of the more unique kaleidoscopes.  They also have all the supplies you need for building your own.


 This year they have offered us a teleidoscope for review and giveaway.  This 5.5 inch teleidoscope comes in a nice box for gifting, but the best part is what is inside.  Inside you will find your teleidoscope in a cloth, drawstring bag.  Also included is a display stand for displaying your teleidoscope.


Now, some of you may be asking,"What is the difference between a teleidoscope and a kaleidoscope?"  Well, a kaleidoscope already has the small pieces of colored glass/plastic enclosed inside.  Although it makes many different patterns and shapes, that is what you will see.  A teleidoscope on the other hand can be used to look at different objects, colors, scenery, etc. and turn them into a beautiful, colorful display.


From Kaleidoscopes to You:
What is a teleidoscope? It is actually a type of kaleidoscope with a twist. The teleidoscope allows users to see the world through the mirrors of a kaleidoscope since it has a clear, open view lens. The possibilities are endless.


What unique gift idea.  Gift it to the business man to place on his desk, gift it to a teenager to enjoy, or just gift it to a friend.

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Kaleidoscopes to You is going to give one neighbor the same Teleidoscope I received.  Enter now and share!

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Charlene S. said...

#3 looks like lights on a Christmas tree. Love kaleidoscopes & had several growing up. It was fun to see the images change as you moved it.

latanya t said...

Christmas tree, ornaments, lips

Steph said...

I think you are looking at a Christmas tree and the different decorations and lights.

DEBIJOT said...

It looks like Christmas decorations and lights from a Christmas tree.

andrea v said...

Christmas ornaments

Beth said...

1. Christmas Tree, 2.Teeth?, 3.grass, 4. Christmas tree?

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I guess You were looking at a Christmas tree and ornaments!
Thank You for the great giveaway

Fiona N