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I.N.V.I.C.T.A. Challenge Flash and Thunder! #HGG2015

Hi Neighbors!

Invicta Challenge has produced a series of games that are incredible!  Created by military veterans these interactive games are intent on helping children to read and to learn about history and all the while, gaining leadership skills!  What a difference from the majority of games today that though fun, have no teaching capabilities.  In fact Invicta itself is an acronym for seven key leadership traits: Integrity, Nobility, Valor, Initiative, Curiousity, Tenacity and Accountability. While the Invicta products are designed for ages 8 and up, adults just might enjoy them too!

From Invicta:
At INVICTA, we want to tell stories that motivate kids to reach their greatest potential—in a fun and compelling way.

From pioneering explorers to courageous civil rights leaders to innovating scientists, we want to tell the stories of the heroes and leaders who worked to make America great.

And, we want to do so in an innovative way for today’s kids: by turning these inspiring stories into dynamic games.

      The first game in the  Invicta  Challenge line is Flash and Thunder, an extraordinary game!  Based on a true story of D-day this "mission" is centered on a real-life paratrooper, Turner Turnbull, a Native American, not some imaginary character or comic book hero!  The Challenge comes with a graphic novel that is utilized with the game and the novel alone is top quality!  Fantastic graphics, loads of historical information, even translating some German phrases along the way, you will "feel" like you are there!  As one goes through the mission on the easy-to-download app, story lines are followed that are in the graphic novel and then the player makes choices, choices that affect the accomplishment of the mission as well as many times the safety of the "men" that you are serving with.  This is where the Leadership lessons come in and they are excellent and very practical!  An example is when you, the player, is suddenly enveloped in a thick fog while piloting a C-47 and have to choose between staying in course, speeding up or flying above the clouds.  Which option is chosen leads to either the next scenario of the game or mission failure.  Throughout Flash and Thunder certain characteristics are shown as being influential in the choices made, such as courage, self-restraint, initiative, care for the team mission and the men in the team over personal safety and desires of you as the decision-maker.  

Game includes:15 card Operations Packet, two detailed maps, 108-page graphic novel Mission, collectible paratrooper figure, and INVICTA leadership card.      

Flash and Thunder comes with clear instruction cards as well that make "play" very easy, though personally I would call it "play and learn" time.  

 Some might consider this just a game for children due to the leadership emphasis of the Challenge but as an adult over fifty years of ago, I enjoyed all aspects of Flash and Thunder and appreciated the uniqueness of the game.  A great balance between learning positive much-needed traits that are lacking so much in society today, and yet having some fun!  Invicta has produced not only a tool that can be utilized by your pre-teen or teen to encourage leadership and integrity qualities, but an interesting game that can be played by any one of any age (above 8) that will provide some pleasant leisure time!  

And I have not yet mentioned that Flash and Thunder  comes with a well-made figure, about six inches tall!  His accessories include a helmet, backpack and an M-1 rifle.  There is nothing to not appreciate about this Invicta product!  And as a parent of six, I can recommend this as a truly family friendly game in  an age where so few really understand the meaning of the phrase!  The best news!  More of these "play and learn" games are coming!

Homeschoolers if you want help encouraging your children reading and learning about history, be sure to check out the Invicta Challenge website and follow them on their social media.  
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Available: In stores at Barnes & NobleNational World War II MuseumSt. Louis Museum of Transportation, and other fine retailers. 
Or Online: at, & the National WW2 Museum

Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!


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