Saturday, December 5, 2015

Interactive Bluetooth Pals For Your Children! #HGG2015

Here's a fun idea for a child this Christmas season-what youngster wouldn't love receiving a new interactive stuffed animal to play with and love?  Bluebee Pals has a selection of stuffed animal-type toys that will entertain, educate and communicate with your children, and kids will absolutely love them!

We received Riley the Zebra for review, a cuddly, cute zebra that isn't your typical stuffed animal. This pal will read stories aloud to your child, sing songs, play games, and even receive phone calls! These pals will pair via bluetooth with any Apple or Samsung device, so it's practically universal. You charge the battery via USB cord, so you're not constantly buying replacement batteries. Once you've paired your pal with your device, he basically acts as a speaker for the device. So any video or music or audio that you're playing on your device will play through the pal's internal speaker. His mouth also moves, so it really looks like the zebra (or other animal) is singing/reading! I'll be honest, even us "grown-ups" had a lot of fun watching Riley the Zebra sing along with our favorite Southern Gospel songs!

Riley and his pals can also be used while playing games on an iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc. I tried Riley out with a game of Pac-Man, and it was actually rather funny to see his mouth moving while Pac-Man eats up all the pac-dots!

Seriously, Bluebee Pals has created a real winner here. It's neat to see the union of old-fashioned stuffed animals with modern technology, and what a great toy it has made. This will be your child's new best friend!! It's a great idea for road trips too, perfect for keeping youngsters busy and entertained for hours!

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