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Glass Dharma Glass Straws #HGG2015

Hi neighbors!

I am sure many of you have been out Black Friday shopping, or perhaps you are one of those who prefer to shop from home on your computer.  Either way, I really hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took some time to spend with family and friends.

Here I have a great gift idea to share with you.  How many of you have children who like to use straws?  How many of you like straws?  I do.  So, I loved the idea of glass straws!  I personally like to drink iced tea, and yes, even my diet soda through a straw.  I do tire though of either purchasing straws that I throw away after one use, or plastic straws.  The plastic ones last longer, but I eventually toss those too due to teeth marks in the straws, or they bend and eventually split or crack.  This does not happen with the Glass Dharma Glass Straws, the original glass straw!

I love that you can see if they are clean.  You can't do that with plastic straws.  Have you ever wondered if your re-usable plastic straw was really clean inside?  Well, with the Dharma Glass Straws, you can see inside!  And the sets of straws come with a cleaning brush!  I have the Simple Elegance Set, but these straws come in many different sizes and even shapes.  Looking for a smoothie straw?  They have them.  Prefer a straw with a bend near the top.  Yes, they have those too!  You can purchase one straw, or a set of straws.

The Advantages
GlassDharma straws not only replace their toxic plastic counterparts, but lend to compliments and conversation because of their beauty and style. 
·         Great for all hot or cold drinks
·         Kid friendly and safe
·         Perfectly stages specialty drinks – bubble teas, iced drinks, shakes, smoothies, and juices
·         Beautiful in cocktails – great accessory for stemware and glasses
·         Concerned about staining or damaging your teeth? Use for wine, coffee, teas and acidic drinks
·         Easy to clean

The Dharma Glass Straws come in many sizes.  They can also custom make straws, if you need a specific size.  The straws are dishwasher and microwave safe.  They are extremely well made and are child friendly.  The straws come with a guarantee against chipping and breaking.  You can contact them through their website for repairs and/or replacement.

The Guarantee
The GlassDharma Quality Control department ensures the quality of each and every straw. Offering an unprecedented lifetime guarantee, GlassDharma stands behind their product and promises that if it breaks, it will be replaced. GlassDharma straws are made from borosilicate glass, the safest and strongest glass commercially availablethey are even dishwasher and microwave safe!

Personally, I think if you try drinking your favorite beverage through a glass straw you will have a hard time returning to a plastic straw.  The Dharma Straws are beautiful enough for using on special occasions, and yet strong enough for everyday use.

Are you interested?  Be sure to visit the Glass Dharma website and then follow them on their social media pages.

Glass Dharma is going to give one reader a $25 Gift Code.  Enter the #giveaway and be sure to share with others!

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I like the coffee straws.
andrea v said…
I like the decorative dots straws
Sharon said…
I like the iced tea straws the best for length and size.
Anonymous said…
I like the sipper dot straws. Patricia
Kristen V said…
I like the bubble tea stawers.
Kammie said…
I've had my eye on the GlassDharma decorative dots straws in the iced tea size. We've been working on going plastic free in our kitchen & my kids miss the fun of straws.
Audra said…
I like the iced tea set
BethElderton said…
I love the Beautiful Bends Smoothie straw. Perfect for our every day breakfast smoothies.
Mary Beth Elderton
rachel0 said…
I like the Beautiful Bend straws.
I like the Decorative Dots straws.
D Cheatle said…
I really like the decorative dot straws! I also like the bent ones!
Sarah Hayes said…
i like the simple elegance shorty straw
Crystal K. said…
I like the beautiful bends straws.
Meghan said…
The coffee straws
I like the coffee straws
I like the ice tea straws
Laura H said…
Love the smoothie straws!!
Julie Waldron said…
I like the beautiful bends straws.
Unknown said…
I would like the iced tea straws. These would replace my plastic ones I have to use right now. I got some stainless steel ones before but could not use them.
Donna said…
I think the decorative dot straws are very cool.
I really love the decorative dots straws
Thank You for the chance

Fiona N
Angela Saver said…
My favorite is the Beautiful Bends ICED TEA Straw!!

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