Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Funzee Pajamas! #HGG2015

Hey neighbors!

How about a pair of adult, warm, fuzzy pjs for the holiday!  A onesie! Funzee has onesies, hooded pjs, and footies, all designed for adults.

Attached Hood

Feeling a little chilly?  Curl up in a pair of Funzees and enjoy staying warm this winter.  We received the Bumble Hooded Onesie.  It is made of non-pil polar fleece.  It is so soft and comfortable.  The Bumble is black and gold striped.  There are many other colors and styles available.  You are sure to find one you like.

Cuffed Wrists

Hoodie Ties

You can choose from simple colors, to onesies that look like different animals.  Funzee are made for adults to have fun.  Use as pajamas, lounging around the home, or just relaxing in the evening.  Although they do make these with footies, they recommend purchasing Funzees without feet and wearing a pair of non-slip socks, which are also available on their site.
Zippered Front

My daughter is really going to enjoy this Bumble Funzee.  She is always cold around the house, so this will help keep her warm this winter.

Pockets on each side.

Ankle Cuffs

Are you looking for a great gift idea?  Want something unique?  Check out the Funzee website!  Be sure to follow them on their social media.
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