Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Custom Leather Wristbands From Old School Leather! #HGG2015

Here is an absolutely wonderful holiday gift idea for anyone on your shopping list! Old School Leather is a company that offers a variety of leather goods; belts, wallets, watch bands, hair barrettes, and the item I was able to review, leather wristbands that you can personalize!

Old School Leather graciously sent me two wristbands; one with my name, and one with one of my favorite Bible verses, Hebrews 6:19. The wristbands are made to fit your wrist-you give them the actual measurement of your wrist, so they can make it just right. I chose the 1 inch wide bands, but they are also available as 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch wristbands. You can also choose from 4 different colors of leather, as well as the font style. I love that the personalization is absolutely free! So many companies advertise personalized gifts, yet when you make a purchase charge 5 or 10 dollars for the customization, but at Old School Leather, personalization is free!

When the wristbands arrived I was very excited. They turned out beautifully, and I have literally been wearing them non-stop since! (I've also been known to randomly sniff my wrist, because I love the smell of the genuine leather!). The bands fit my wrist perfectly; not too tight, but snug enough that it's not sliding up and down my arm. They go perfectly with just about any outfit, and I've even worn mine to Church. I love the western look, and this is the perfect way to add another touch of that! 

So, be sure to visit Old School Leather today and get some great, unique, holiday gifts for everyone on your list!  The personalized wristbands would make a perfect stocking stuffer. (Be sure to add something in for yourself too; you'll love their products!)

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