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Brilliant Ways To Feed Your Fitness

Making the decision to get fit is a life changing one. It marks the moment when you are going to change the way you approach your life. It’s an exciting time too. You are full of the possibilities that lie ahead. You know it may be a struggle, but you are determined to see it through. On the other side of the line is the all new fitter, healthier and more energetic you.

But exercise is only one-half of the equation. If you are not giving yourself the correct fuel and food, you won’t get the results that you deserve or want. Take control of what goes in and find good ways to feed your fitness.

Get the knowledge

You will be empowered by finding out how food affects your health and your ability to train. There are some great nutrition sites that contain a wealth of information. Use them to give yourself the information. Know what the food groups are. Distinguish between proteins such as meats and nuts. Understand the difference between the carbohydrates and sugars. Learn about fruits and vegetables and the vitamins and minerals that each one can give you. Be able to distinguish low GI foods from their lightweight counterparts.

Above all learn to read labels. This means not falling into the low-fat trap. All fat is not the same. Healthy fats, such as those contained within meat and dairy products are good for you. Manufactured fats are not. So called low-fat foods are often loaded with hidden fats and starchy sugars. Try and stay away from these.

Take your education shopping and into the kitchen

Start to be aware of the types of food you are buying. Buy fresh wherever possible and stay away from processed foods. Shopping at the farmer’s market will allow you to buy food and vegetables that are fresh and often organic. Every season has its vegetables, and you will be healthier if you eat what is in season and what has been produced locally.

Stock up on grains and pulses. Swap white and refined products such as pasta and rice for their whole grain counterparts. This will mean all the goodness has not been stripped out of the product. Buy fresh where you can. Any fruit or vegetable that has been chopped up and stuck in a plastic tray for days on end is going to be devoid of any real benefit. Swap white sugar for brown or use honey as a sweetener.

Learn to cook and prepare your food healthily.

Get some basic kitchen equipment that will make it easy for you to make real juices and smoothies. A state of the art blender is a must. Take a look at the best. Understanding how the Vitamix 7500 compares to the 750 will enable you to make an informed decision. Invest in a steamer for healthy cooking. Try and avoid frying or deep frying food as much as possible. Simple tricks with your food steamer can infuse your food with flavor. For example, use fish or chicken stock instead of water. Use plenty of fresh herbs and seasoning.

Incorporate your knowledge with your exercise regime. Make sure you are giving your body the energy it needs to get to most out of your training. You’ll not only lose the weight you want, but you will sparkle with energy and wellbeing. Once you educate yourself about your food, you will never go back to unhealthy ways.


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