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Babies Celebrate Christmas Too! #HGG2015 #Greenplicity

If you have a baby on your shopping list this holiday season, the norm is to give them a cute toy or some such gift. However, here is a fabulous gift idea that will be good for them, and their mom will appreciate! Greenplicity is a unique company that specializes in safe personal-care products for babies and children. Their products are all made from food-grade ingredients, which makes them, in essence, edible-and anyone who has ever been around babies knows how quick they are to put anything and everything in their mouth!

We received three of Greenplicity's most popular products for review; the Lotion Bar, Body Butter, and Liquid Soap. The lotion bar comes in a cocoa-citrus scent, and the cocoa is definitely the more powerful of the two. It leaves your skin smelling like a Hershey's dark chocolate bar! This can be applied all over baby, and is so easy to use. I believe this is the first time I've ever used a lotion bar, and you simply rub in your hands or apply the bar directly to skin and then rub the lotion in. You'll quickly notice a difference in the softness of baby's skin, and this is especially nice for the cold winter months.

The liquid soap is a very mild formula, made with several oils to ensure that, once again, baby's skin isn't irritated or dried out. This comes in two fragrances; lavender and honeysuckle. The honeysuckle (the scent we received) is very light, just right for babies and children. One of our's has very sensitive skin, and this is perfect for her. I love how smooth it leaves the skin, it doesn't dry it out at all.

The body butter is another wonderful product for the winter months, when skin starts chapping, drying and itching so quickly.  A tiny bit goes a long way, and it soothes as it moisturizes. This comes in three fragrances, and we tried the lavender. This is a very pleasant scent, and I'll be honest- I love using it too!

Soft, smooth skin!
Greenplicity products would make a perfect gift for baby or a youngster this holiday season-or put together a gift basket for mother and baby! They also have several new products coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for even more great products!


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