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When Lightning Struck - The Story of Martin Luther by Danika Cooley

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Here is the book you have been hearing so much about!  I have mentioned it several times and I know many of you have entered the giveaway.  I was allowed the opportunity to review the book before it was released.  Danika Cooley has done an excellent job of sharing the story of Martin Luther for teenage readers.  Please don't overlook When Lightning Struck The Story of Martin Luther though if you have younger children as it makes an excellent book for sharing as a family reading time.

I have been reading the ebook and have shared portions with my husband.  He is a Martin Luther fan.  He has collected books and articles on Martin Luther for years, so he was interested in this new book.  He is not one to read a book on the iPad though, so he is waiting for a hard copy.  He did tell me that he thought the writer was doing a very good job on the parts I read out loud.  Below is a display he created for his study.

A little about Danika Cooley:
Danika Cooley is a married mother of four, a grandmother, a blogger, a curriculum developer, and a writer. She homeschools her two youngest children in Oregon. Danika’s three year Scripture survey for preschool to high school, Bible Road Trip, is used across the globe.

Martin Luther is called the Father of the Reformation.  My entire family knows the story of Martin Luther, but we are often surprised by how many do not.  I think our favorite quote has to be where he makes his stand regarding what he has written.

I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.  Martin Luther

Official Book Description:
When Lightning Struck! is the story of MartinLuther, the Father of the Reformation, written for young adults.

Martin Luther's life was too exciting not to be written for teens and younger readers! In this fast-paced, action-packed novel of Martin Luther's life, teen readers (and more than a few adults!) will be introduced to a fascinating time when princes ruled Europe and knights roamed the countryside. They'll learn about a time when powerful forces lined up against each other and believing the wrong thing could get you killed.

When Lightning Struck! is far more than just an adventure story, of course. It also tells a theological story. Drawing carefully from Luther's own words, this book introduces readers to a kindred spirit who struggled with what knowing God through Scripture means for daily life. They will understand what was at stake and how powerfully liberating Luther's idea of grace through faith was—in his time and in ours!

In crisp, enjoyable prose, author Danika Cooley conveys both the drama and the meaning of the Reformation for younger readers like no one before her!

We traveled the US quite a bit and were surprised how many young people know very little about historical figures in Christianity.  As a family we have included studies of these figures in our homeschooling.  Danika has made it very easy for you to include this in your homeschool lineup.  Not only has she written an excellent book, but she has also made available through downloadable discussion guide and a 12 week study guide, both of which can be found HERE.  Consider purchasing this book and sharing with your family the story of Martin Luther.

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