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Trim Healthy Mama Review and Giveaway!

Hi neighbors!

How many of you have heard of Trim Healthy Mama, or THM in the past year or so?  Trim Healthy Mama, is a plan designed to help you eat properly and thus lose weight.  THM was started by by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.  These two women who used to sing together, through much study wrote the original Trim Healthy Mama book.  The book included their story of how they got started and the approach and plan to following THM.  Also included in the book were recipes, menus, and other hints and tips.  I received a copy of both new books from Mom's Meet.

When people began requesting an easier way to get get started, they decided to re-release the book as two separate books. Trim Healthy Mama Plan, gives you the information behind the eating strategy.  Basically the hows and whys of what makes THM work.  The second book is the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  This book gives you meal plans and of course great recipes.  This allows those who want to just jump right in the ability to start changing their meals right away.


You may ask, "Is Trim Healthy Mama" a diet plan?  My answer would be, "Yes and No."  It is actually a new way to eat.  You are still allowed many foods on THM, you are just putting them together a little differently.  You will learn which foods should be eaten together, which foods to completely avoid and great substitutes for other foods.  One of our favorite substitutes is using cauliflower, instead of potatoes.  We have used them as mashed potatoes, potatoe salad, hash browns and tater tots.  Yes, the recipes are all in the new book.

A snack my daughter found using Lavash and sprinkling with cinnamon and Splenda.

The plan is based on three different types of meals.  The S meal, the E meal and the FP.  An S Meal or Satisfying Meal, focuses on the fats or filling foods.  An E Meal or Energy Meal focuses on the right types and amount of carbs to provide your body with energy.  FP or Fuel Pull, is a light meal designed to pull fuel from your reserves.  This is great  to use as a kick starter if you hit a slump or you just want to throw one in during your plan.  A crossover includes a little of both the S and E and are used sparingly until you have reached your goal weight, or until needed.

I am diabetic and have found that most of their meals work for me.  So far I am only partially on plan, but I will say that my 18 year old daughter has already lost weight and gone down several clothing sizes while only partially on the THM plan.

While on THM you will remove sugar, most flour and other foods that are extremely high in sugar or natural sugar.  As a diabetic, I am well aware of what these foods do, once in your system.  Since I have already cut out many of these foods, changing over to THM should be quite easy.

You may ask, "Will I always be hungry on this diet and missing food?"  I would give a loud "No."  You will be amazed at what still is permitted on the THM plan.  Instead of starving yourself and yoyoing back and forth on weight, you will actually be learning a new way to eat.  Diets generally have you on an extremely strict plan of what you can eat, so that you lose weight, the whole time feeling hungry and dissatisfied.  THM on the other hand teaches you to eat healthy, you learn how to make good choices and it becomes a lifestyle.  You can even eat out and still stay on plan.


The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook will give the recipes you need to follow THM.  There are over 350 recipes inside.  You will have so many choices to choose from.  Will you like them all?  Maybe not, but there is always another one you can choose instead.  Not only that, but there are many places online to find more THM recipes.  You can check out the THM website first, where there is a recipe tab.

Now, if you decide that THM is right for you, you will want to bookmark their website.  After that be sure to follow their Facebook page where you will find more recipes, encouragement from others who are presently using THM and of course you will get to see and share victories with others who have been on the THM plan for varying amounts of time.  You will find those who have lost weight, those who have reached their goal, NSV, or Non Scale Victories.  You will actually have your own little community of others who are on the same plan.


Do you have to purchase anything special to follow the THM plan?  They do have their own sweetener, but it is not necessary for you to be on plan.  They also have a few other products available, but none of them are required for the Plan to work.  They are just made available to you as an option.  If you are willing to take the step to eat healthier, notice I did not say diet, THM can help.

As a family we have started implementing many of the THM recipes and I have to say, that most family members are enjoying them, even my husband.  We started out making the cauliflower dishes just for those of us who were trying to change over while still making potatoes for the rest of the family.  My husband started eating both, and then he just requested our cauliflower dishes.  Not bad!

What about your sweet tooth?  Are they desserts on THM?  Oh yes!  We have found several favorites either in the cookbook, or online.

THM is not what I would call a diet.  It is learning to eat differently.  You will still feel full on THM.  My daughters actually said they started feeling full on less.  You are still allowed things like steak and butter, you just learn the right way to use and mix them with other foods.  You still have sweets!  I am amazed at the different recipes available.

Some facts:

  • The Trim Healthy Mama Plan is the gentle and fun road to trim and healthy. It gives readers a unique way to lose weight and get healthy by eliminating sugar while still eating hearty, delicious food.
  • The book includes menu plans, a list of super foods, time-saving tips, and pantry stocking and lifestyle advice to help readers reach their goals.
  • The companion cookbook offers over 350 recipes to help readers successfully slim down while eating well.
  • This plan is for anyone, from those who love to cook from scratch with the purest ingredients, to those who can barely boil water. It’s not just for crunchy, health food types, and you don’t have to be an exercise fanatic to make this work.
  • The Trim Healthy Mamas will help you find your way out of the maze of diet foods, food fear, and miserable food bondage.
  • The Trim Healthy Mama Plan retails for $19.99, and the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook retails for $27.99 available everywhere books are sold. 

Be sure to follow THM on their social media:
Twitter: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Pinterest: HERE

The really good news for all my neighbors is, I have one copy of each book for a giveaway!  Yes, one neighbor will receive both books!  How exciting is that?  Be sure to enter and share the giveaway with others.  Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product. 


Leela said…
Chocolate dipped cream pops.
andrea v said…
Crabby patties sound good
Anonymous said…
I like the recipes they provide. I want to try the zucchini fries. Patricia
LoriJean said…
I'm planning on trying the swiss bread, using a muffin top pan - want to see if I can re-create an egg mcmuffin...
LoriJean said…
Swiss Bread - I want to see if it will make a good Egg McMuffin
Charlene S. said…
The cottage berry whip looks yummy.

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