Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Critical Thinking Co and U. S. History Detective Book 1

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Here is the last TOS review of the season for At the Fence.  We received a copy of U. S. History Detective Book 1 from The Critical Thinking Co.  I wanted to review this one as a fun way of reinforcing my daughter's knowledge of U. S. history.  She loves reading about history and historical figures, so I figured this would be a workbook she would enjoy working through.  I was right!

Book 1 of U. S. History Detective covers the Colonial Era to the Reconstruction Era.  Yes, there are more Detective books available through The Critical Thinking Co, but this is the first US History book.  I hope that they plan on more.  They also have a World History, Math, Science, and Reading.  There are a few of them available as software too.  Of course they are for various grade levels, so check and see what will work for your child.  Most of them include sample pages, so you will have an idea of what is expected.  These are not the only type of curriculum they have, so be sure to visit the website to see some of the other products available.

U. S. History Detective Book 1 encourages critical thinking.  It requires the student to think deeper than yes and no answers, or choose A, B, C, or D., although questions like that are included.  I like books like this where your child has to think about the answer, rather than go back in the book and copy a response or answer.  To see a sample of what I am talking about, click HERE and then view the sample pages.  This book is available in paperback, which we received, or as an ebook.  Either version is $39.99.

M was able to do a lesson a day, which were set up for three days a week.  She probably would have done more if I allowed her to, but I wanted her to spend more time reflecting on her answers, rather than hurrying through them.  You of course, could break it down more, or do more than one lesson a day based on your child and what you want to accomplish.  U. S. History Detective can be used as a full curriculum, or as we did as a supplement or refresher. to something you are already doing. Something else she enjoyed were the FunFacts at the boot of the page.  Just an extra thought or sharing of information.  She loves to throw out facts she has learned.

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