Monday, November 30, 2015

Stylish Polarized Sunglasses from Nectar! #HGG2015

Many times it seems like you have two options when it comes to sunglasses. Stylish ones that don't provide all that great sun protection, or shades that really block out the sun, but look a little odd. I normally opt for the second choice, because I'm more worried about how well they work rather than the stylish aspect, but I was thrilled to discover Nectar, a company that combines the best of both worlds into their "sunnies".

I received two pairs of sunglasses for review; the Breck and Zeezo. Both of these sunglasses feature polycarbonate frames, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. The Zeezo are a black frame with blizzard blue lenses, and the Breck have a brown frame with gold lenses. The fit of these shades is amazing. They sit just right, and don't put pressure behind the ears, or push into the bridge of the nose. They seem very durable as well, and I should know since I've been wearing these almost non-stop since receiving them! Whether it's for driving, walking, biking, running errands, or just wandering downtown, the sunglasses stay in place and protect your eyes from the sun. I'm excited about being able to use these over the winter, since normally we get blinding glares off all of the snow!

The sunglasses don't just work great, they also look great. They can be casual, sporty, or even dressy, depending on the outfit you pair them with. I personally like the Zeezo's black frame and blue lenses the best, but the Breck goes perfectly with certain outfits too. 

And the best part about these stylish polarized sunglasses is that they don't cost a fortune! You can get either one of these styles for only $15.00 right now on Nectar's website! So go ahead, shop for the holidays, or shop for yourself-either way, somebody will be enjoying some stylish new shades!

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