Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Home Hair Removal With Flash&Go! #HGG2015

Anyone here actually enjoy shaving? Not me! If you're like me, then you get tired of shaving your legs, underarms, etc. It may only take a few minutes, but when you have to do it every few days or every week, it gets annoying. That's why I was excited to learn about the Flash&Go, a home hair removal device from Silk'n!

I received the Flash&Go Luxx for review from Silk'n. The Flash&Go is not an actual hair removal tool, you do have to shave the area you'd like to remove hair in. Then (for best results) immediately follow your hair removal with a Flash&Go treatment (it doesn't have to be right after the shaving, but it works best then). Simply plug the device in, choose your setting, and start zapping! There are 5 settings, and it is recommended that you start at the lowest setting and gradually work up. This is a home pulsed light device that targets the hair follicles at the root, disabling future growth! No, it's not a one-treatment cure for unwanted hair, but it does work! You can actually see results after just a few treatments, with slower hair growth, and less hair period. The first four treatments are done at two week intervals, and after that it goes to once a month, or as needed. The Flash&Go is FDA-approved, and is a perfectly safe and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your home. 

I have used the Flash&Go for two treatments now, and I love how easy it is to use. The spot size is 4 centimeters, so it's a good size that can work for smaller areas, but also ensures you're not taking half an hour to treat one leg! The device is a handy size too; you're not struggling to maneuver some big tool, it's just a small, handheld piece. I also like that it's not battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about the device dying in the middle of a treatment. 

This holiday season, give the gift of smooth skin! For a lifetime of permanent, painless hair removal results, there’s no better solution than the Flash&Go Luxx. The Luxx works on body areas large and small. And it saves hundreds of dollars vs. other hair removal treatments. Get your forever results today!

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does this hurt? Im thinking of purchasing one...

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