Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide : Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review!

Hello Neighbors!

Today I want to share about the Precision Digital Bathroom Scale I received from Ozeri for review.  I have had an Ozeri scale in the past, so I knew they could be depended on for quality.

This scale looks very nice, and would look great in any bathroom.  It is quite thin and has a very sleek design, but it seems very well made.  As you can see, it is very reflective (Sorry for the prints/glare on the surface!).  It comes with the battery, and it's simple to pop it in or out.  

This scale has step-on activation which I personally love.  No power button, or having to step on, off, and back on again for a reading.  Just step on the scale, and it will target your weight and display it on the easy to read LCD screen.  You can set it to display weight in pounds or kilograms.  It is a couple of lbs different then my previous scale (that could be various reasons such as different location, uneven surface, etc.), but it did show a consistent weight each time that I stepped on.  

This scale is definitely worth your money.  My dad has been wanting a new one, and he just might be receiving the Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale (400 Lbs Edition), In Tempered Glass With Step-on Activation in Black for Christmas this year!  If you haven't yet, you should head over and like Ozeri on Facebook to get updates and learn about new products.  

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