Friday, October 16, 2015

WonderWorks Attraction in Pigeon Forge!

It amazes me that we have driven by the WonderWorks in Panama City Beach, FL so many times, yet we never actually visited. It seems we were always on our way to or from somewhere, and never took the time to stop in. Visiting Pigeon Forge is a different story though, and we were excited when WonderWorks sent tickets for the four of us to visit on our recent vacation!

WonderWorks is definitely a building you will recognize after seeing it just once. An upside-down building draws the eye, and holds a fun adventure for the whole family! After passing through the turnstile, you are offered the option of going through a tunnel, or taking the "safe" route through a door. The tunnel is one of those that makes you feel like the whole room is spinning, and normally these don't faze me in the least, but this one had even me grabbing for the rail towards the end!

The WonderWorks attraction takes about 2 hours to go through, more or less depending on how much you get involved with all the interactive exhibits. We tried out the How Cold Is It, which allows you to feel how cold the water was when the Titanic sank. There's even a timer so you can see who can hold their hand in the longest!

There are seriously so many things to do and see while at WonderWorks. M enjoyed the ATV and Boards, and we even tried our hand at landing a space shuttle! (NASA won't be calling us anytime soon!)

The Recollections and Strike a Pose exhibits were a big hit with M especially, who enjoyed dancing, posing, and just having fun in this area. Oh yes, and the giant piano gave both the girls a fun time!

My favorite part was the forensic science exhibit, as I have always found this an interesting topic. The facial recognition part was neat, and M loved printing out her fingerprint card.

Oh yes, one other exhibit I thought was SUPER neat was the Smart Glass. I had actually heard of this technology before, but actually seeing it was exciting! Check out the video below to see what I mean.

WonderWorks is a great place for your family to enjoy while on vacation in Pigeon Forge, but if you're not in the Smoky Mountains anytime soon, you can also find 5 other locations across the US. Check it out next time you're nearby, and have some fun with the family!

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