Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Will 2016 Be the Year I Improve My Core?

Hey, Everyone!

As most of you will know, my daughters have been doing a 90-day intensive exercise program over the past few months. And, I have to say, it’s going great. They've lost weight, feel fitter than ever and are positively brimming with newfound confidence. But - can they push it any further?

They've been exploring where they can go next and are thinking of taking on a new challenge and I have considered joining them. Now, let’s be honest - I’ve had six children, and that has had an effect, especially in my core area. I feel like I need to strengthen that whole region because, as any fitness coach will tell you, it’s where everything else comes from. Sort out your core, and the rest becomes easy.

So, I’m thinking that this might be the next step for me to take, and have been doing lots of research. Here’s what I have found - and you never know, it might be a goal for 2016 (although I haven’t quite made my mind up yet!).

Why the core?

The core of your body is the term used to describe all the muscles in your tummy, back, and thigh area. A stronger core means you have more balance and can do more exercise, so if you want to push on, it’s something to look at. If you can build up muscle in the core region, it can help you burn off a lot of fat, too - so it’s a win-win!

Basic exercises

Swimming is great for the core, and a good starting point. Front crawl is the way forward, because of all the twisting motions you do in the water. I would love to say that I’m going to dive in and do a few lengths of the butterfly, but the guys that do that must be mega strong. Perhaps I’ll keep that progression until 2017! For home exercises, it’s got to be crunches. I’ve been doing some in the current program, and they are killer at first. But the more you do, the easier they get, and pretty soon you’ll be able to do 10, 15 and maybe even 20 without too much pain.

Advanced exercises

One thing I’m going to try - inverted rows. I came across this guide to inverted rows, and it looks like just the thing for me to work on. It’s core exercises and upper body strength, which would be great to haveI really need to find some exercises to strengthen my lower back too!.

Importance of strength

The main reason to focus more on my core is to give me more power. You get more strength through building up muscle. Now, I don’t want to become a bodybuilder or anything, but I would like to be a little leaner. So, some core exercises mixed with a robust diet of proteins should do the job to get me stronger. By the time I’ve finished my current course, I figure I’ll be fitter than ever before - but stronger? I think I have some more in me!

So, there you have it. Do I make a go of it or not? Well, we have a few months to go yet, so maybe I’ll think about it a little longer. Anyone interested?

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