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Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

Hey neighbors!

I believe I have shared a few mentions of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.  This has fast become one of our family's favorite shows.  There is just so much we like about it.  First of all Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is based on a true story.  There really is a Sue Thomas, she really is deaf and she really worked for the F.B.I.  One of my daughters did an interview with her, which you can read here.

Sue Thomas lost her hearing at a young age.  Her mother truly pushed Sue to be all she could be.  Having her learn how to speak, she also had her attend a regular school rather than a deaf school.  The show itself starts as Sue is heading off to work for the F.B.I.  Through flashbacks you learn some of her earlier life history.

At first Sue is assigned to identifying finger prints, but she quickly moves on to reading lips and becoming a very important member of the team.  She has a hearing dog named Levi who is often seen and mentioned during the show.  Sue and the team she works with develop a very close relationship with each other.  This is a very well written show.

Here though, I want to share one of the reasons this has become our favorite show.  Sue is a christian and her christianity is obvious in the show.  Also, there is absolutely no foul language in this program.  None whatsoever and yet it clearly holds the attention of adults.

Sue Thomas has a great cast too.  From Sue's close friend Lucy, right down to Myles who had issues with Sue being on the team at the beginning.  Sue Thomas F.B.Eye had a run of 3 years before the network decided not to produce their own shows.  Although Sue Thomas has been on hold for some time, there are many hoping someone will pick the show up.

Sue Thomas is played by Deanne Bray.  Deanne, is also deaf.  A unique twist in the show is the real Sue Thomas guest stars on the show twice and plays Deanne Bray, an actress.  Oh, and Deanne Bray's husband also guest stars a few times.  You can find out more about the cast and guest stars HERE.

Presently to watch Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, you need to purchase the DVDs, which are available, HERE.  I received the first volume for review, which includes episodes 1-11.  You can purchase the entire series for $99 on their website.  Be sure to follow the Sue Thomas Facebook page as they run a contest every Tuesday for one set of the DVDs.

Now, the good news is, one of our readers will receive Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Volume 1.  Enter the giveaway and be sure to share.  See you soon!
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Anonymous said…
I have not, but would like to watch this. Patricia
Pam OLeary said…
I have never seen this show, but it looks like a really good show.

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