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Messaging Through the Years

Hi neighbors!

Have you ever sat back and just thought about how far we have come?  I mean take communicating with people far away.  I am not talking just people close, but people further away.  Perhaps people across the US or even in another country. How did we use to message?

I imagine back when they had smoke signals, or even runners who took messages from place to place.  It could take days for a runner to meet get to their destination and deliver a message and that was if they didn't run into any danger on the way.  And even more than delivering a message, imagine the wait for a response.  Perhaps your family or the person you needed to contact live in another country or on another continent.  Then you had to wait for a ship to carry the message and a return ship to bring a response.

Animals have also been used for delivering messages.  From carrier pigeons to dogs, even the Pony Express on horseback could not compete with what we have today.  Birds could get injured, dogs could be delayed and of course a Pony Express rider could come under attack.

After that we had telegraphs and telephones.  We had party lines where neighbors could listen in on your conversations.  Yes, I remember those.  Even with these advances in technology, if poles went down or wires were cut or damaged, you lost your service.  Sometimes it could be days before your service was restored.

Next we spring into cell phones, computers, instant messaging.  How quickly we can reach anyone now.  Just type a message, less a button and your message is sent.  Now we get impatient when someone does not immediately reply to our text or voice mail.  Amazing it is not?  Yes, there can still be outages and delays, but imagine if you can having to wait days for a response.  (Yes, I know some people still take that long.)  We have come a long way from the carrier pigeons, runners, and even the postal service.

Take a moment to consider how many changes there have been and how much easier we have it today.  Do I sometimes tire of technology?  Yes, but I definitely appreciate it when I need it.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping in.


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