Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready to Start Going to the Gym

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If you’ve never used a gym before and you’re thinking of joining, you might feel a bit intimidated. Many people in the gym know their stuff, and you might feel like a fish out of water trying to muddle through if you go with no idea of what you’re doing. Use this step by step guide to start the gym to help you feel better!

Have an Induction

Some gyms will make inductions compulsory. Others will give you the option to pay for one if you feel you need one. However, you should always have an induction if you’re new to the gym. An induction will help you get to better understand the equipment and the layout of the gym. This means you don’t have to walk in without a clue of where to go or what to do!

Buy Proper Training Clothes

You must train in proper training clothes. Not only will you actually look as if you know what you’re doing, you’ll also be safer as you workout. If you’re working with heavy equipment and wearing baggy clothing, you run the risk of getting caught and seriously hurting yourself. Buy proper gear so that you’re safer and more comfortable. Make sure you buy quality clothes, and find styles you like so you look forward to getting dressed for the gym. It all helps!

Stock Up on Good Food and Supplements

Good food is a must. It supports your training and keeps you motivated enough to go to the gym. Supplements are not the be all and end all like many people think they are. However, supplements can compliment a good fitness routine perfectly. You can even find stimulant free pre workouts these days, perfect for getting you focused before you go to work out. There’s something for everyone!


Do Your Research

Do your research so you know what type of exercise you want to do. You should learn what it can do to your body and some of the science behind it, so you actually understand why you do things. You’ll be more likely to stick to it this way! It can be a lot to take in, so keep researching until it sticks.

Create a Plan

When you’ve done your research and you know what type of exercise you should be doing, you can create a plan. You can either do this on your own if you feel confident enough, or get one from a professional. There are many online fitness professionals, or you can contact a Physical Trainer at the gym who will likely be happy to help you.

Start off Slowly

This part is so important: do not rush. If you try to go to the gym 6 times a week and you’re not used to it, you’ll likely exhaust yourself and crash. Start off by going 3 times a week, and get used to that schedule first. Soon enough, you’ll want to visit more and you’ll get into a really good routine.

Ready to change your body and life for the better? Get started!

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