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Beautiful Plus Size Clothing From Alight! #Giveaway

Why is it that companies don't offer the same pretty clothing for sizes 12 and up that they do for smaller sizes? Case in point, we were doing some Labor Day sales shopping yesterday, and found a beautiful mock layer cardigan, but needed to get it in what's considered "plus size clothing". Unfortunately, this particular piece isn't offered - even online - in larger sizes. I don't know how many times I've heard complaints from women who just want to be able to wear the same stylish clothing other "smaller" women wear, whether they are a size 12, 16, or 20! If you, or someone you know, is in that same boat, then here's a company you will want to check out. offers plus size clothing for ladies size 12 to 34. I was able to choose an item for review from this wonderful company, and received the Black Stripe Maxi Skirt. This skirt is not your average maxi skirt in that thin cotton material that will tear at the slightest catch, and requires multiple layers of slips underneath because of how see through it is! Instead it's made of a polyester/lycra blend, which gives it a nice lightweight feel, and it drapes so much nicer than cotton maxi skirts! 

The material isn't the only thing that sets this skirt apart though; it also features a variated striped pattern in the front that is eye-catching! Add to that a lace-up closure and metallic button embellishments, and you've got a maxi skirt that isn't just comfortable, it's stunningly gorgeous as well! This pairs well with flats, heels or boots, and you can dress it up for Church or other occasions, or wear with a casual blouse or even t-shirt for running errands. certainly offers some beautiful plus size clothing, and they have such a great selection. Dresses, skirts, tops of all kinds, and you can shop by size, trend, occasion, or category. Check them out, you're sure to enjoy the variety they offer!

One of our readers will receive a piece of clothing (of the sponsor's choosing) from Alight!!

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Bee W Bedard said…
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