Tuesday, September 1, 2015

100 Years of Swimsuit Styles!

Hey neighbors!

As a general rule our family is extremely modest when swimming.  The girls all wear a t-shirt and a skirt below the knee with bloomers underneath or they wear culottes with leggings underneath.  This is our personal preference.

We as a family have previously done studies of swimsuits and how they changed over the years.  We are always amazed by statements like, "I could never swim in something like that!"  Women used to do many things with much more clothing on then we wear now.  They used to garden, cook, clean, ride bikes and horses and many other activities that we today would complain about doing if we had that much clothing on.

It is interesting to see the changes in bathing suits and the time periods they occurred in.  Just in the 100 years from the 1900's to 2000, there were drastic changes made in women's swim attire.  Take moment to click on the link above to see some of the changes that have occurred.  We went from a one piece type suit in the early 1900's to baring the midriff in the 1930's.  In the early 1900's a swimmer, Annette Kellerman, from Australia was arrested on a Boston beach because her swimsuit exposed her arms and her legs.  We have come a long way from that time period.

My youngest daughter, 14, loves to study history, so we often do studies like this.  We enjoy going back and seeing what type of changes there have been in clothing, what we eat, vehicles, and how we work and play.

Have any of you done studies like this?  Do you find them interesting?  Thank you for stopping by today!  See you soon!

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