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Tapple and Wonky Fun

Hey neighbors! Here is a review of Tapple - Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game, both great games from USAopoly !  Both of these are really fun games, that you could include in a family fun night.  We like to get the whole family together at least once a week to play games.  We especially like ones where we interact with each other. I am going to tell you about Wonky first.  This game is probably designed for children a little younger than mine, although my daughters still had fun when we played.  Wonky is for ages 8 and up.  My youngest is almost 15.  Anyway, Wonky is a fun stacking game with odd-shaped blocks of different sizes.  You have 3 different colored plastic shapes (squarish), in three different sizes, small, medium and large.  The first person draws a card and it will tell them either what color, or what size block they have to choose.  This will be the base you build on.  Each player in turn takes a new card and adds a block to the towe

Last Gift Cards

Hey neighbors! Only a few days left, so I am adding 2 more $5 gift cards.  One McDonalds and one Surprise!  So, make sure you have entered and then tweet and share as much as possible.  Enter HERE .  That makes five $5 gift cards.  One Krispy Kreme, one Chick-fil-a, one Subway, one McDonalds and a surprise. How does that sound for a great way to start fall? Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!

Holiday Gift Guide In The Works

Hey neighbors! At the Fence is gearing up for our annual Holiday Gift Guide.  We are presently seeking sponsors and individuals who are looking to have their product shared with you, our neighbors!  If you remember from previous years we have reviews and review/giveaways from the end of October right up to mid-December for your holiday shopping experience. We will feature, toys, games, household items, gifts for her, gifts for him and even our family pets will be included.  We will have our Holiday tab up where you will be able to search through the companies and businesses represented in the Holiday Gift Guide. Have some suggestions or want to participate?  Contact us or Atthefence@gmail.  Or you can leave a comment below. Thank you for stopping by to visit!  See you soon! To companies wishing to participate in our Holiday Gift Guide please use the emails above.  Thank you.

Heroes Of History: Ronald Reagan

Hi neighbors! Here for review today we have Heroes of History Ronald Reagan , Destiny At His Side.  This book is published by YWAM Publishing .  Ronald Reagan is a 221 pg. paperback book, recommended for ages 10 up, written by Janet and Geoff Benge.  YWAM also has a downloadable curriculum study guide for each of their Heroes of History Books.  Be sure to visit their website for a complete listing. YWAM sells each book individually, but they also sell a few collections, where you can purchase several books together. I want to start off here by saying that my 14, almost 15 year old daughter loves history and Ronald Reagan is one of her favorite historical figures.  She often share quotes from him on her social media, so she was super excited to get to read this historical biography.  She started reading the book the day it arrived as soon as I removed it from the packaging.  She approached me minutes later with questions concerning something in the book that she wasn't s

PlexiDor Dog Photo Contest!

1 Hi neighbors! There is a really exciting dog photo contest going on right now, sponsored by PlexiDor.  They make those really great pet doors, so your pet can go in and out by them selves.  The contest is open to any US resident of the contiguous 48 states.  The contest is open until December 15th.  Obviously they ask that all photos be family friendly. 2 There is no purchase necessary, and they are some really SUPER prizes.  First place winner receives 1,000 lbs. of your brand of dog food, plus a PlexiDor Performance Pet Door.  Second place receives a PlexiDor Performance Pet Door with Installation and a $25 Visa Gift Card.  Third place receives a gift basket of toys, treats and chews.  How does that sound? 3  4 Not to mention, when you enter you are automatically enrolled in their monthly contest for a basket of toys, treats and chews.  Do we have a paws up for this one? 5 6 We just received our PlexiDor   Dog Door and need to have it installed yet

Another Gift Card Added!

Hey Neighbors! Just added a $5 Subway Gift Card!  Make sure you have completed the first required entry and then begin tweeting and sharing!  So far we have a $5 Krispy Kreme and a $5 Chick-fil-a and now there is also a $5 Subway.  Make sure you continue entering!  Go HERE to enter!

PERI GoCharge Micro-USB Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank Review!

Hello Neighbors! How is everyone doing today?  We are doing great!  We are trying to get back into our regular routine after having a family of eight visiting us for right about a month, as well as having three rooms tiled, and tons of outside work done (new siding added to the house, a wooden walkway down to the road complete with lights and a roof, etc.).  Of course, in a little less than two weeks we are leaving on a two week vacation anyway, but we want to get back into our groove for a little while.  One of the things I am definitely packing for our trip, is the GoCharge – Ultra Slim 3200mAh Portable Power Bank w/integrated Micro USB cable from PERI . This little portable charger is handy for someone that has electronic devices that they use quite a bit, and even more so for travelers.  There are several awesome features that I will tell you about in a few minutes.   I want to take a minute to tell you about PERI and how they got started... " PERI is an i

ALOHA Tea Kit Special!

Hey Neighbors! Here is a post for all my tea loving friends! **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.   Delicious news!  ALOHA  is launching a free trial kit of their tasty teas! This  Ultimate Tea Kit  will contain one bag of each of their flavors (Lovers, Protect, Clean, and Beauty)  plus  their coconut sweetner — all for  free ! You only need to cover a small shipping fee of $2.50. ALOHA's herbal teas balance, purify, nourish, and beautify. And their coconut water powder (ALOHA Coconut) adds a dash of hydration and refreshing tropical taste to any beverage. Both are made entirely free of chemicals, "natural" flavors, or artificial ingredients.  Tea is incredibly good for you and definitely deserves a place in your diet. Here are 5 tips for how to incorporate more tea into your life:  Cook with tea:  Replace the water in any of your favorite recipes with tea for a delicious, all-natural flav

Beautiful Plus Size Clothing From Alight! #Giveaway

Why is it that companies don't offer the same pretty clothing for sizes 12 and up that they do for smaller sizes? Case in point, we were doing some Labor Day sales shopping yesterday, and found a beautiful mock layer cardigan, but needed to get it in what's considered " plus size clothing ". Unfortunately, this particular piece isn't offered - even online - in larger sizes. I don't know how many times I've heard complaints from women who just want to be able to wear the same stylish clothing other "smaller" women wear, whether they are a size 12, 16, or 20! If you, or someone you know, is in that same boat, then here's a company you will want to check out. offers plus size clothing for ladies size 12 to 34. I was able to choose an item for review from this wonderful company, and received the Black Stripe Maxi Skirt . This skirt is not your average maxi skirt in that thin cotton material that will tear at the slightest catch, a

Natural, Single-Origin Food Products From The Real Co. #Foodie

Recently our family discovered The Real Co. This company offers three food products that are all natural, organic, and single-origin. I'll be honest, it's something I never really considered before, but The Real Co has made me more aware of things such as how many middle men there are for most foods we buy and eat. We were able to try all three products from the Real Co, and they were delicious! The first product we tried was the white basmati rice. I actually used this to make some Mexican fried rice, and it turned out very well. This was my first time eating basmati rice, so I was very pleased to see that the entire family enjoyed that flavor, and we won't have any issues using basmati rice in the future. I'll share the recipe below for this Mexican rice, but first let me tell you about the other two products. The Himalayan Pink Rock Salt was another new one for me. In fact, I was amazed at all the health benefits of this salt! Did you know it can help lower

Gift Card Giveaway Update! #2

Hey neighbors! I am adding a $5 Chick-fil-a Gift Card!  Now we have a Krispy Kreme and the Chick-fil-a.  I would like to add at least 3 more before this giveaway ends, so keep entering and sharing! If this is the first time you have seen a posting about this giveaway, be sure to go to the original post to enter.   HERE . One more way to enter, leave a comment on this post telling what other $5 gift card you think should be added. Hope you all had a wonderful day today!  See you soon.

Sue Thomas FBEye Labor Day Special!

Hey neighbors! If you enjoy watching Sue Thomas FBEye, you might be interested in a Labor Day sale they are having!  They are offering 20% off on the Sue Thomas DVDs.  Hop over and check it out at : . Keep your eye out because we will be doing a review and giveaway of the first volume soon! Have a great day!  See you soon.

Reebok Labor Day Sale!

Hey Neighbors! With Back to School shopping I thought some of you might be interested in this Reebok sale! **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links Reebok is having a Labor Day sale! In honor of the hardworking men and women across the U.S., Reebok is giving us  30% off  Tee's, Shorts, Tanks, and Summer Footwear with the code LABORDAY. Use this code at checkout between 9/3 and 9/7 and you'll be able to take 30% off your purchase!  Offer:   Reebok Labor Day Sale - 30% Off Tee's, Shorts, Tanks, Summer Footwear Valid:  9/3 - 9/7 Code:  LABORDAY

School Uniforms and More From French Toast! #BackToSchool

Shopping for clothes is always a big part of getting the kids ready to go back to school. One of my favorite companies to shop is French Toast , home of the top school uniforms and more! French Toast graciously allowed me to choose a few items to feature during our Back To School event. When these items arrived, the girls were thrilled to be able to model them for a photo shoot! We received the Cardigan Blouse Twofer, V-Neck Sweater Vest, Girls Dress Blazer, and Ankle Length Leggings for review. The cardigan blouse twofer is so adorable, so femininely stylish. A cotton blend jersey features a mock collar and sleeves, making this cool and lightweight, without the added bulk of actually wearing a blouse and cardigan or sweater. This was honestly my favorite of the items, but M preferred the v-neck sweater vest just a little bit. As you can see from the picture below, this sweater vest does look great on M. Pair it with a white blouse as she did for a classic school look, or ma

100 Years of Swimsuit Styles!

Hey neighbors! As a general rule our family is extremely modest when swimming.  The girls all wear a t-shirt and a skirt below the knee with bloomers underneath or they wear culottes with leggings underneath.  This is our personal preference. We as a family have previously done studies of swimsuits and how they changed over the years.  We are always amazed by statements like, "I could never swim in something like that!"  Women used to do many things with much more clothing on then we wear now.  They used to garden, cook, clean, ride bikes and horses and many other activities that we today would complain about doing if we had that much clothing on. It is interesting to see the changes in bathing suits and the time periods they occurred in.  Just in the 100 years from the 1900's to 2000, there were drastic changes made in women's swim attire.  Take moment to click on the link above to see some of the changes that have occurred.  We went from a one piece type