Monday, August 31, 2015

Dig-It! Games Roman Town Review

Dig It! Games Review

Hi neighbors!

Here is a review of Roman Town from Dig-It! Games!  It is an IOS app that my daughter has been playing on my iPad for the last month.  We are reviewing this app for the TOS Crew.  Dig-It Games has other educational apps available too, so be sure to check out their website.  There are a couple others I am sure my daughter would really enjoy.  These apps can be used for homeschool, or just as a fun time of learning and play for your child.

Dig It! Games Review

My daughter has had a lot of fun playing Roman Town, well, all but the Roman Numerals puzzles.  She does not enjoy Roman Numerals, so she was quite vocal about having to work with them.  When I asked for her opinion of the game, that was her big complaint.  On the other hand, when it comes to learning about history, that is an entirely different story.  Sometimes I am not even sure where the desire comes from, but she LOVES history.  She often quotes an off the wall fact she has learned and we all just stare at her.  Yes, I do go verify it at times, and thus far she has not been wrong.  Roman Town was right up her alley as far as that goes.  She also enjoys games that require exploring and puzzle solving, just as long as they do not include Roman Numerals.

Dig It! Games Review

Roman Town is available through your AppStore.  In this game your child will be searching for a master thief, Ladrone.  To complete their search your child is required to solve all kinds of puzzles.  Some of the included mini games  or puzzles are:
Artifact Identifier (My daughter's favorite.)
Calculi (This game is shown below.)
Roman Numerals (The not so fun game for my daughter.)

Your child will be able to explore Pompeii, play some ancient Roman games, all the while tracking Ladrone and learning about ancient Rome.  The app is free, but there are in game purchases necessary to access certain areas of the game.  Please be aware that this are there.

Dig It! Games Review

Roman Town is one of those games I like as a parent, game based learning.  My children enjoy playing, and yet while doing so they are also learning history, math, and logic.  Rather than just idle play they are actively learning when playing Roman Town.  Roman Town meets National Education Standards, along with History, Math, Social Studies, Literacy and Common Core requirements.  Roman Town is designed for middle school students, although other ages may enjoy the game too.  The game will help promote critical thinking, problem solving and independent learning.

Dig It! Games Review

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Some of the other Crew members reviewed Mayan Mysteries another Dig-It! Games app.  so be sure to click on the link below to see what others have to say about both apps.

Dig-It! Games Review

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall is Coming Gift Card Giveaway!

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We are starting a Fall $5 Gift Card giveaway!  It will start with a $5 Gift Card to Krispy Kreme.  We will add a couple more gift cards as the giveaway continues.  The giveaway will last until the end of September.  That will give us time to add a few more cards.  Wouldn't it be great to start fall with a handful of $5 gift cards?  Who knows what else we will add!

Be sure you are following At the Fence and that you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on when we add new cards.  And start entering now!  The more you enter, the better your chance of winning!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School with Nonni's THINaddictives!

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School is kicking back in every where!  I remember school used to start after Labor Day, but it seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  A nice back to school treat are the Nonni's THINaddictives!  They are great snacks at home and of course you can always throw a pack in a lunch box.  Our favorite way to have the THINaddictives is with a warm beverage!  Hot coffee, tea or even hot cocoa work great with Nonni's.

THINaddictives come in several flavors.  Cranberry Almond Thins, Pistachio and Cranberry Raisinare a couple of the flavors available.  They are a crunchy, addictive snack.   Each package is 100 calories, made with real fruit and loaded with almonds.

Moms may want to hide a box for themselves to have with their morning coffee or after the children are in bed at night.  They make a great snack for the children after school too!  They are low carb and low fat, with 3 grams of protein.  That will help hold of hunger until dinner.  How do you like your Nonni's THINaddictives?

Nonni’s Biscotti grew out of true Italian tradition. In the little town of Lucca, Italy along narrow cobbled lanes surrounded by elegant piazzas, our Nonni (an endearing term for Grandma) made biscotti to share with family and friends. When Nonni came to America, almost a century ago, she brought the family recipe with her.
To this day, the same family recipe using real eggs, butter and gourmet bittersweet chocolate is still used to give our biscotti a light, crunchy texture that is delicately sweet. Our devotion to quality ingredients has been the foundation for the continued success of the company, and the key reason Nonni’s Biscotti is the number one selling biscotti in the country.

So, add them to your Back to School shopping list!  One neighbor will receive some samples of Nonni's THINaddictives.  See you soon, At the Fence!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Modest Skirts For Women and Girls from Baby'O! #BackToSchool

Modest skirts- a phrase that can strike dread into any mom's heart as she's shopping for back to school, or any other occasion, for that matter. Finding a skirt that is truly modest-a nice length, not too tight-fitting, no slits-is harder than you would think. Thankfully, in the past couple years, it's become easier to shop for these essentials by using the internet. I recently discovered a company I had never heard of before (and I thought I new all the modest clothing companies!), and this company quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list. Baby'O offers modest skirts for women and girls, and they have a great selection available.

I received the Women's 6-Tiered Long Skirt in Black Denim for review. The skirt arrived super-quick, within just a couple days. When I opened the package, I was thrilled to see that this was a tiered denim skirt done just the way I like. It's made with a super-lightweight denim, so you don't have the bulkiness that normally comes from combining denim with tiers. This makes the skirt light and cool enough for summer, but because it's denim, it will still be comfortable for wear during cooler months as well. This honestly has to be one of the most comfortable skirts ever!

I love that with this skirt I can dress it up or down. I wore it this past Saturday for casual attire, but it looks just as good paired with a dressier blouse for Sunday morning Church services! Of course, I love the western look, so I will definitely be pairing with boots and a belt often for one of my all-time favorite styles.

Baby'O definitely has top-quality clothing at prices that are very reasonable. If you're still looking for a couple more back to school skirts, or maybe haven't been able to find modest skirts for your daughter anywhere, here is where you need to look! Tiered skirts, A-line skirts, box pleated skirts, denim skirts, twill skirts, skirts with pockets, skirts without pockets, skirts in all different colors and styles-whatever your daughter needs to head back to school looking modest yet stylish, Baby'O has you covered!

So whether you, your daughter, or both, need some new modest skirts, be sure to visit Baby'O and check out their selection. You can also shop the clearance section for even lower prices!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Take Kleenex Back to School!

Hey neighbors!

Everyone is gearing up for back to school, whether their children attend public school, private school or homeschool.  As your out shopping for supplies, don't forget to stock up with Kleenex.  I have two allergy sufferers in my family and then of course there is always fall and winter around the corner with colds and such.  I always try to stock up and these products when I can find a sale or coupon and Kleenex brand has a some special offers.

·         Online coupon for $.50 off, or $.75 off when you share with three friends
·         At Walmart you can find special packs of Kleenex facial tissue with even more Box Tops per bundle

Be sure to purchase enough for everyone.  My daughters like to carry the small packets in their purses for travel and when we are out and about.  I try to have a box in each bedroom and of course in our schoolroom.

Remember too, Kleenex is the only tissue that has Box Tops!

Thanks for stopping in, see you soon!

My Friend Teddy Available Now

Hey neighbors!

Remember last week I reviewed My Friend Cayla?  Well, now we have My Friend Teddy!  He is an adorable, furry bear who also interacts with your child through a bluetooth connection to your smart device.  We have a young friend visiting and she thinks both Cayla and Teddy are wonderful.  As a matter of fact Sunday afternoon she played several games of Tic, Tac, Toe with Cayla!

One thing that we immediately noticed was different with Teddy is that his mouth moves when he talks.  He actually looks like he is having a conversation with your child.  My Friend Teddy is designed for ages 2 and up.  Parents can input information regarding family, friends, birthdays and such and Teddy will incorporate them into his dialogue.  That makes Teddy special!

Teddy also plays interesting games with your child that will increase their skills.  There are counting games, and other motor skills and language skills that a parent can adjust to their child's learning abilities.  As their knowledge increases, you can adjust the learning level of the activities.

First thing we went in to settings and added names, dates and favorite things.  Teddy then uses these while talking and playing with your child.  Next we played some games.  We helped move colored fish from one tank to another, put together some puzzles and searched for different animals.  During the games Teddy encourages your child and lets him/her know when they are right!  Be sure to turn Teddy upside down a couple of times!  We loved hearing his responses.

You can find My Friend Teddy in your local department store.  Be sure to follow Teddy on his social media pages!
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saltwater Canvas Update and Giveaway!

Hey neighbors!

Saltwater Canvas has decided to allow us to giveaway one of their shower bags!  I am just going to tell you up front, I love my bag!  So make sure you enter this giveaway.

The shower bag is great for gym trips, vacations, trips to the beach, wherever you need a lightweight bag to carry your shower products or other small items.  I personally love that you can leave it hanging and it will dry out because it is all made with a very sturdy mesh canvas.

Take a moment to go read the original review and then enter the giveaway there as I am adding the Rafflecopter on the original post!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Back To School With Customized Academic Agenda Notebooks! #Giveaway

Have your kids started back to school yet? Here where we live it starts back next week, so it's been a busy time getting all our curriculum together, all the necessary notebooks, etc., and those thousand other little details that need to taken care of-yes, even homeschoolers have a back to school rush! 

I was excited when May Designs offered one of their completely customizable notebooks for review and giveaway; these are some of the cutest notebooks you'll ever see, and they can be made with an academic agenda (the school year from August to July)! It was so much fun to go online and and design a notebook step by step. The first step is picking the cover of your notebook. There are literally hundreds of designs, from solids to stripes, plaids, floral, and so much more. I chose the Tartan Navy and Orchid, and then it was on to the next steps.

Once you've chosen a cover, you can then pick a background shape (for the monogram/text area), the font or style of text, and then the color of the text. May Designs highlights a few colors that go well with the cover you've chosen, but it's completely up to you and your taste! After getting the text finished to your liking, with your name, monogram, etc., you decide what to put in the notebook. Obviously for our back to school we chose the academic agenda, but there are many other options available as well: agenda, address book, budget, meal planner, health and fitness journal, baby diary, and blank pages, just to name a few.

After placing the order, it took right about 6 days (including the weekend) for the book to ship. Once the order arrived, I was thrilled to see how beautifully it had turned out! The cover is absolutely beautiful, and any girl would love to have a school schedule/calendar this nice. The pages are nice and thick, so they won't tear easily. It's 5x8, so it's a handy size to keep in a backpack or even a purse. This will be so great for M to use this school year to keep track of assignments, field trips, report dates, etc!

Goals For The Year

Overview of the Month

Now, before we get to the giveaway, let me share a little bit of information about May Designs - a company that is "going green"!
"All MAY BOOKS are bound together by the all-famous, old school sewing machine. Not only is the thread fabulous for the environment, but the book becomes utterly indestructible. No pages ripping out, covers falling off... Believe us, we have tested notebooks. Great binding keeps you out of bad stitch(uations).
Our Green-e Certified Canvas Covers are resilient, durable 
and water-resistant. 
After a few days of use, the canvas becomes worn-in like the perfect pair of jeans."

One of our readers will receive a code to create their own May Book!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll

Hi Neighbors!

I recently had the opportunity to review My Friend Cayla.  She is an interactive doll that works with your a smart device.  We used our iPad.  She connects through Bluetooth and your child can talk to her, ask questions, play games and even share stories.

Cayla has beautiful blond hair which my daughter immediately braided.  After downloading the app and turning Cayla on we ran Cayla through a few simple test runs.  One of the first things my daughter did was changed her name to Maria.  Yes, you can change her name.  You can choose from a few different games to play with Cayla, so M played Tic, Tac, Toe.  M won!  She listened to one of the stories and then we decided to ask her some questions.  She will tell you her name and age and of course has some background to share.  We were able to ask her questions like:
1. Who was George Washington?
2. Who was Billy Sunday?
3. What is 75 x 3?
4. What is 10 x 10?
She answered every one, although we did have to repeat the questions sometimes.

Cayla does come with a software system, Violet, that prevents any foul language or inappropriate topics through.  You can also choose to manually block certain words if you like.  No website links or  images will appear on your smart device and no data mining can be done.  Cayla is safe for your child to use and interact with.

I have a feeling most little girls will enjoy playing with Cayla.  The ability to interact with this doll will be a real draw.  We were impressed with the responses Cayla gave.  If your question is not clear she will ask you to repeat what you said.  I think there were a couple of times when she seemed unable to answer, but I think that was because of a bad internet connection at the time.

Be sure to follow Cayla on her social media:

A little technical information.  Cayla does require 3 AA batteries.  You can play with Cayla without internet connection, but you will need internet is you are asking her questions that require her to search for information.  You do need to be within 30 feet of the smart device to play games, look at pictures, etc.  There are downloadable apps for Cayla to speak a different language.  Cayla's clothing can be changed out with most clothing that fits 18" dolls.

Cayla is now available in stores.  You can find her at many local department stores.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming review of My Friend Teddy!  Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Traveling Days : StashBelt Review!

Hello Neighbors!

How is everyone today?  We've been SUPER busy here recently, but I wanted to tell you all about this unique product that is great for travelers of all kinds!

For those of you that don't know, here is a little bit of information about StashBelt... "Handcrafted from natural, fine quality Kenyan pull-up leather the StashBelt is guaranteed to take all the abuse your travels can throw at it and more. It's 18-inch zipper pocket is large enough to hold more than $1000 in folded bills - enough to get you out of nearly any jam.You can also stash keys, jewellery, medication or any other small, precious items you'd rather keep away from sticky fingers.The StashBelt is the ONLY moneybelt with a built-in data storage solution: a Hidden 4 GB micro USB stick - INCLUDED FREE - Use this to keep scans of key documents like your passport, insurance information, ID...or a selection of your favourite tunes to rock out to while on the road. With our double snap design, you can customize your StashBelt with buckles of your own."

I received the THE MAASAI - BLACK StashBelt for review, and love it!  Everybody I have shown it to thinks it is so neat, and it will be very useful for the cruise next year when we are in port, and want to be careful about carrying cash.  I LOVE that it just looks like a normal belt... people would expect to find cash in a money belt, but nobody would expect somebody to have cash in a common looking belt like this.

I also really like that it is made with natural leather.  It is completely capable of holding up to any trip you take!  I paired it with a Khaki skirt and a t-shirt the other day, and as you can see, it looks completely normal...

Nobody would ever suspect that the belt in my outfit above could hold more than 1,000 in folded bills, let alone a USB Drive that is great for scans of neccessary documents such as your I.D, birth certificate, etc!  My dad offered to buy this off of me, but, I think I am going to save it for our cruise.  :)  

If you are a traveler that may have places or situations where you'd like something to keep your money discreetly concealed, this is the product for you!  You can purchase this (as well as either of the other StashBelts - The Ameru and The Kikuyu) on the StashBelt website.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news.  

I received two products for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.  All text in red is taken from the StashBelt website.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saltwater Canvas and Summer Travel!

Hey Neighbors!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  We have been on the road so much I feel like home is an unusual place to be in.  This weekend we head out again, but this time it is to celebrate our 33rd Anniversary!  We get to leave Saturday and won't be back until Wednesday. Before we head out again,  I do have a really great product to share with you that is perfect for all kinds of travel.  Have you heard of Saltwater Canvas?  These bags can be taken anywhere, from camping trips, beach vacations, Disney, or to visit family and friends.

For this review we received the Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag.  This makes a great gift for college students too!  Wonderful for keeping all your personal shower products in one place while living in a dorm room.  I personally like these bags for our hotel trips.  I can place all my bathroom needs in one convenient tote and then leave it right in the shower until we leave.  The canvas bag drains nicely and usually by the time we are ready to leave almost everything has dried out and is ready to go.

The Canvas Shower Bag comes in two sizes:
9" tall, 6.25" diameter - small (shown on right) holds 5 bottles inside
10" tall, 7" diameter - large holds 6 bottles inside, with larger outer pockets
I am telling you this would be the bag to take to the gym too for showering after workouts!  It is available in several different colors and they have one design that also has a zipper for the largest section of the bag.  These bags are extremely sturdy and well made.  We also own a Whale Bag that we use for just about everything.  It is super large and roomy!  My daughter totes packages back and forth from the post office, we load it with sporting goods when we go to the park, and anything else we can think of.  We have owned our Whale bag for over a year and it still looks new.

The small shower bags, not really small, are normally $19.97, but are on sale right now for $16.97.  The small bag with the zipper is $22.97 with a sale price of $19.97.  Larger shower bags are presently on sale for: $19.97 with the zip top being $21.97.

This is an item you might look at and ask yourself why you would need one of these bags, but believe me, after owning one, I am not sure what we did before we got them.  My daughters love the shower bags too!

Be sure to check out all the products Saltwater Canvas has to offer and then take a moment to follow them on their social media.
Twitter - HERE
Facebook - HERE

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Branson and Another Gift Card Giveaway

Hey neighbors!

As you can obviously tell, we have been absent lately from At the Fence!  My daughters went to a Gospel Music Sing and then my husband and I took off on a trip to Branson, MO.  We have had a really great time, but it is time to get back to posting.  We actually don't head home until tomorrow, but I thought I would share a little here and get us off to a great start with a giveaway for a $5 Chick-fil-a card!

We stayed in a really nice hotel in Branson, the Clarion!  We have a nice room with a small balcony where we can go out and enjoy the day!  We are on the 6th floor, so we have a nice view.  The hotel has a restaurant next door that serves a buffet breakfast for all hotel guests.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know that our first morning we had breakfast by candlelight, because the power went out next door.  It was interesting!

We have been doing a lot of browsing antique shops.  They are several in town and a few more just north of Branson.  We actually have made a few purchases, but most of the fun comes in being together and searching the shops.  Some of them are more craft and flea market type shops, but several are actually antiques.  I am diligently searching for Betsy McCall dolls.  My husband on the other hand likes to find old books and odd antiques.

We have of course eaten out a few times, which I will share in later posts, and a few times we have purchased meals and brought them back to the room to enjoy.  I did get Cold Stone once!  I don't do that often being diabetic, but since it was our anniversary and I shared with my husband, I chose to enjoy it.

So, since we have been missing for a few days, I decided to have a giveaway with a $5 Chick-fil-a gift card.

Go ahead and enter!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Patterns of Evidence Exodus DVD Review/Giveaway

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

Hey neighbors!

I was given the opportunity to review Patterns of Evidence Exodus dvd.  Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney takes a 12 year journey to search for answers to find out if the exodus actually happened.  Pointing out how many doubt today whether the exodus took place and belief that there is no scientific evidence to prove it is true you will find this documentary very interesting.

Traveling to many archaeological sites, meeting with many "experts" in their field Timothy Mahoney searches and finds answers.  There are many guest appearances by leading archaeologists and leaders, like Benjamin Netanyahu.  The documentary is narrated by Kevin Sorbo.

I will confess that I was almost tempted to turn the dvd off in the beginning because so much doubt was cast on the Exodus.  Just as Timothy Mahoney persevered in his search, I too persevered in watching the dvd.  I enjoyed seeing the actual land where these events took place and all the video and photos of the historical sites.  What I enjoyed most though was seeing them show the evidence of the Exodus.  Well worth your time to view this dvd.  This would also be great for the upper grades of homeschooled students.

Be sure to follow the social media:
Twitter:  @PattofEvidence

Official Website:

Official Website to Purchase:

About the documentary:
Releases on DVD August 4, 2015 
Run Time:  119 minutes
Special Features:  Cast Profiles & 17 Extra Interviews
      Behind the Music
      From Film to Book
      Additional Books and Resources
      Host a Patterns of Evidence Movie Event
Genre:  Documentary 
Rating:  NR 

One neighbor will receive their own copy of Patterns of Evidence Exodus.  Enter now.

Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller / FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.”

Solve Mysteries With Nancy Drew! #HerInteractive #NancyDrew

How many of our readers grew up reading the Nancy Drew mysteries? I did, both my younger sisters still read them, and yes, we're also a fan of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV show that aired in the 1970's. As such, when Her Interactive released the first Nancy Drew computer game in 1998, we were so excited! Needless to say, as years went by and HI released more and more games, we played almost all of them-I think we skipped two due to not wanting to sit through a "seance" in the game. A couple months ago the newest game (#32!) was released, entitled Sea of Darkness, and HI graciously allowed us to download the game for review.

In Sea of Darkness, you, as Nancy Drew, head to Iceland for your latest case. A celebrated ship "Heerlijkheid" is normally the centerpiece of this small Icelandic town's annual festival. This year, though, the captain of the ship has disappeared, and no one knows if he drowned, or ran off with a treasure! 

As is the norm when a new Nancy Drew game comes out, the four of us (all sisters) sat down to play the game together. It was a little broken up this time with a couple out-of-town trips and vacations thrown in, so it did take us a bit longer to complete the game. The one rule when it comes to ND games is we can't play them unless all four of us are there! The game starts out fairly interesting, as you wander the town and meet the local characters. It's dark and spooky, and as you interact with the townspeople you begin to get an idea of what motive each one would have for making the captain "disappear", and their likes and dislikes of the town and fellow citizens. Throughout the course of the game you can explore the town (including a local restaurant and the museum), the ship, a lighthouse, and caves. You can also drive a snowmobile or take a boat as your preferred mode of transportation.

The only downside to Sea Of Darkness is the overabundance of puzzles. Yes, I enjoy solving the many and varied puzzles scattered through all the Nancy Drew games, but like one or two in the past, this seemed to take them to the extreme. For example, there were at least 3 sudoku-style puzzles in here (2 numbers, 1 with letters, but still a sudoku-style puzzle). I enjoy sudoku, but the sheer amount of puzzles in here became a little frustrating! I assume they were added to lengthen the gameplay time, but in our favorite games (Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, for example) the puzzles aren't the majority of your game playing time! Yes, I am sure we will play Sea of Darkness again, but as charter Nancy Drew PC game players, we would appreciate having less puzzles, more investigating and interacting with people, and maybe a smattering more danger thrown in! Gone are the days of Nancy being tied up in a burning shed, or getting locked in a huge monolith with a limited amount of air.  

Overall though, we found the game to be fun, like the other 31 games that have gone before. It actually had a mystery, unlike a couple previous games that start out with just a vacation or some such incident, and then it turns into an actual investigation. This is a mystery right fro the start, as you're trying to determine where Captan Magnus has gone to, and if foul play was involved. We also liked that the game wasn't over in a matter of 1-2 hours. Yes, there are actually a couple that we have completed in less than 2 hours on our first time playing it! This game made for several fun afternoons and even a couple late-night get-togethers as we solved the mystery on the Sea of Darkness!

One neighbor will win the newest Nancy Drew Mystery, Sea of Darkness.