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With Lee in Virginia by Heirloom Audio Productions

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

Hi neighbors!

Here is a really fun review product we recently received through TOS.  It is an audio drama called "With Lee in Virginia" by Heirloom Audio Productions.  First off, I must tell you, my children enjoy anything about the civil war, especially if it is about Lee or Stonewall.  They read every book they can get their hands on regarding these two men.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review this set from Heirloom Audio Productions everyone was excited, including myself.

The set arrived just before a family trip, so we held on to it until we headed out. This was not easy to do.   After we were all awake enough to pay attention, we left at 6:30 am, and after completing our morning devotions we slid the cd into our car player.  Within moments we were all held captive by the story line.  Even my husband was listening as he drove.  We finished one entire disc without any interruptions or pauses.

The storyline follows a young man (15 years old), named Vincent and a portion of the life of Lee.  Vincent fights alongside Lee in the war.  I was actually intrigued by the beginning of the story that deals with a slave and how he escapes.  You will have to listen to the tale yourself to find out the how and why.   Your children will enjoy listening to this drama being acted out.  You may recognize a couple of the actors and actresses voicing this audio drama.  Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, Chris Anthony and others.  The story is based n a G. A. Henty book of the same title.

Heirloom Audio Productions has three dramas already released counting With Lee in Virginia.  We previously reviewed In Freedom's Cause, a story about Wallace and Bruce.  We really enjoyed that one also!  I have heard rumors that more adventures are coming!

When you purchase this audio set from Heirloom Audio Productions you also receive access to a study guide and several other downloads, including a printable download of an inspirational quote from Robert E. Lee to his son: “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less.”  

The study guide is great for homeschoolers as this can then become part of your curriculum.  There are further studies, word definitions, maps and so much more.  The guide is broken down into parts labeled by the disc it is on and the track you will be listening to.  With the ages of my children, the youngest being 14 we like the Thinking Further section, but so much of this study guide is great for all ages.  I highly recommend these whether you will be using it for school or just for family entertainment.  Remember it is perfect for trips too!

I also suggest that you click through to their social media and follow, so you will stay updated with future projects.  I did!



Be sure you take a moment to click the link below to see what other Crew Members thought of With Lee in Virginia.

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

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Arf2-D2 said…
It sounds like a great set, educational AND entertaining.
Unknown said…
I've got to get this for my brother for his birthday. He is a huge fan of the Civil War. He would love this.

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