Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Milton's Gluten Free Baked Crackers

Hey neighbors!

My family received a sampling of Milton's Gluten Free Baked Crackers for review.  We were able to try, Cheddar Cheese, Multi-Grain, Crispy Sea Salt and Everything Baked Crackers.  My husband really liked the Everything and Crispy Sea Salt.  He said the others are good too, those were just his favorite.

The Multi-Grain is 7 grains and 3 seeds.  Cheddar Cheese is 4 grains and cheddar cheese.  Crispy Sea Salt has 5 grains and a hint of sea salt.  The Everything Baked Cracker has 7 grains and 4 seeds.  All of the baked crackers are perfect for grain lovers, without the wheat.  These crackers are still filled with flavor.  These would go well with a gluten free dip.

So whether you have to eat gluten free, or are just trying to eat a little healthier, take a moment to check out Milton's Gluten Free Baked Crackers.  You might get hooked!

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Arf2-D2 said...

The crackers sound delicious. Mmmm cheese (with appropriate wallace and grommit hand gesture).