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Fibre-Craft's Creative Hands Summer Fun

Hey Neighbors!

Here is some great summer fun for your children!  Well, it would be great year round, but with summer here, you can see how useful these will be to help beat "I need something to do!" boredom.  Fibre-Craft has Creative Hands Kits that include so much fun!

We received three of the kits to try out.  They are the:

Zoo 2 Do Kit - $12.99 - ages 6+

Creative Fun Tote - $12.99 - ages 6+

Paper Pals Bugs & Flowers - $12.99 - ages 6+

Each kit comes with almost everything you need.  Some of the projects require scissors and/or glue.  Included is a project sheet to guide you and your child, but remember creativity is encouraged.  Many teachers are now focusing on products with STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, but they are starting to add art too!  STEAM, is where Fibre Craft Kits come in.

If you are looking for directed kits, choose the Zoo 2 Do Kit or the Paper Pals Bugs & Flowers.  On the other hand if you want free creativity time choose the Creative Fun Tote.  You can find these kits at Fred Meyer, Meijers, Kroger and many craft stores.

From the Zoo 2 Do kit we put together a leopard.  We made him early one morning at the hotel!  It was an easy to do craft that did not take a lot of time while we were preparing to head out.  You simply pop the pieces out and then stick them together with the foam sticky pieces.

From the Paper Pals, we made a paper plate lady bug.  The eyes are a little big!

For the Creative Fun Tote, M put together a pom pom bear.  He came out pretty cute.  She laughed because his eyes are crooked.

These are great craft kits to have on hand for rainy days, periods of boredom, or just plain creative play time.  There are so many options to choose from and each kit has more than one project to complete.  We took the leftovers from ours and put them all together and created one big craft kit!

Find Creative Hands on:
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

One neighbor will receive all three kits!  Isn't that exciting!  Hurry up and enter!

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andrea v said…
My daughter loves to paint.
My kids always loved craft projects of all sorts. My niece is the same way!
Rhonda G said…
My grandkids love any type craft, especially paper crafts. My oldest granddaughter and I like to do beadwork too.
Emily Reviews said…
We like painting crafts the best.
Nancy said…
Right now, she loves to draw with chalk!
Jessica B. said…
My sons love to color right now.
Unknown said…
My kids love all kids of crafts! We do lots of painting, jewelry making, sculpting clay, glue projects, and drawing. Right now their favorite seems to be anything that involves glue.
Anonymous said…
My kiddos love to write and illustrate their own stories. They also like to create things with paper plates. Patricia
Unknown said…
He likes to draw!
Terra Heck said…
She especially likes crafting with popsicle sticks and duct tape. Thanks.
My son loves to draw and paint pictures
Thank You

Fiona N
Leela said…
Painting, plastic canvas, so much more..
Anonymous said…
my kids love to paint and bead work Popsicle stick crafts all kinds
Arf2-D2 said…
My niece likes those loom bracelets.
rubynreba said…
My grandchildren like any kind of craft with paper. They also love beads.
Marilyn said…
We like to do all kinds of crafts. Right now it's friendship bracelets and tie-dye shirts.
Unknown said…
my daughter likes to color
Beth said…
They love anything they can glue, and it gets messy.
MamaStace said…
My oldest loves cutting and gluing type projects.. my middle child likes painting.. and my youngest just likes to scribble on things!

MamaStace said…
I like the compact design, making it easier to bring with you, and that it has precision accuracy of 0.2 lb

Nuskina said…
My son loves all types of crafts!

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