Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Car Seat Organizers Make Traveling Easy! #TravelingDays

Have you ever started out on a road trip with your car all clean, organized, and everything in just the right place? Then after a day of driving, not to mention unloading and repacking the car after a hotel stay, the car doesn't even look like the same vehicle anymore! I'm sure anyone who's traveled at all has had this experience, as we have many times. We've been taking a number of 3-7 day road trips this year (and have more planned), so getting our vehicle to stay organized on said trips became a priority. That's where Talus Products comes in!

I received the High Road Kids Large Food'nFun Seat Organizer for review, and wasted no time in getting this set up for our upcoming trip. This organizer is simply amazing! The inside is actually a cooler, so you can keep cold drinks and snacks handy throughout a trip. We normally bring a full size cooler on our trips, so this will get turned into a book bin more often than not! Perfect for keeping books, notebooks and such neatly organized and free from damage on trips. We will give it some use as a cooler too though, on day trips where we don't bring a big cooler along. 

All along the outside of the organizer there are pockets of all sizes for all kinds of uses. The front has two elastic pockets for drinks or bottles (so they don't get tossed on the floor or spilled all over the seat). The other pockets will hold just about anything you need. Pens, crayons, books, toys, an iPod/mp3 player...whatever your children normally bring along in the car. The top of the organizer also doubles as a lap desk, so if the kids want to color, draw, or write in the car they can. This is seriously a lifesaver for any family who travels!!

Make sure you check out Talus Products before your next road trip; they have so many great travel products!!

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