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Travel, Pets and PetHub

Hey neighbors!

Here is one of our Travel Event featured products.  PetHub has beed kind enough to allow us to review one of their tags, along with the subscription to their pet finding service.  To begin with you can sign up for an account and register your pet for free.  If you don't already have a digital pet ID tag, you can purchase one online at PetHub. The tags run from $9.95 - $24.95.  The final step is to link your ID.  This is so simple!

I went in and signed up for my account and set up my profile, quick and easy.  Registering Belle was also easy.  You are able to include a picture, breed, weight along with any medical information.  You can add all of your pets if you would like.

I have a "I'm a High Tech Pup!" tag.  The pet ID tags are available in several designs, you are sure to find one you like.  3 methods of contact are included on your tag.  1 Is a phone number people can call should they find your missing pet.  2. There is also a QR code on the back that can be scanned.  3. A website with a code that will allow people to find you.  I marked out the code on mine in the picture, but that blurry spot is where the Code would be so your pet could be identified.

Pets are lost all the time.  Not only are they hard to find when they wander from home, but traveling and loosing a pet can be even more difficult.  Your pet is in an unknown area and may have trouble finding you.  Make it easier for the person who finds him/her by placing a PetHub ID tag on your pet and registering them on the site.  By making sure your pet is wearing a PetHub tag you have improved your chances of finding your pet.  Unlike a microchip where someone must have a reader to scan it, this tag offers 3 methods for someone to contact you.

The basic registration is free, but there is also an upgrade available.   The Basic account includes:
Pet Owner/User Account
Unlimited Pet Profiles
Data Storage
Printable Profile
24/7 "Found Pet" Hotline
Unlimited ID Tag Links

The Premium account also includes:
Instant "Found Pet" Alerts
Scanned Location Information
Glympse Powered GPS Tracking
Shelter Alerts
Partner Discounts

As stated above the Basic is FREE.  The Premium has a few options to choose from.  There is a $10 activation fee if you choose the monthly option.  There is then a $3 a month charge.  If you opt to pay the annual fee, it is $28.  And you also have the option of paying $48 for two years.

Some information regarding PetHub:
Tom Arnold (PetHub Founder and CEO) left Microsoft to address the challenge of lost pets never making it home. He was spurred by these daunting statistics:
  • One in every three pets will go missing at some point in their life
  • Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will ever return home
  • Only ½ of the 6 to 8 million companion animals in shelters leave to rejoin their original families or are placed with a new "forever" family (the other 50% are euthanized because of lack of space - something no one wants, especially not the people tasked with that horrible responsibility)
You can read more HERE.

If you are interested in joining PetHub, I was also given a coupon code good for 20% off product purchased or initial premium service upgrade.  It is good until 6/19/2015.  The code is TY5614.

You can find PetHub on their social media!
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

PetHub is also participating in a giveaway of one tag to one of our readers here.  Take a moment to enter the giveaway!  Thanks for stopping in and come back soon.

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Marti Tabora said…
I would probably choose the Hot Dog Star Tag. I am so super excited about this. My dog was lost a couple weeks ago and it was a nightmare. I have been looking into these kinds of products ever since. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I like the DogTagArt Got Treats? Tag for my dog. Patricia
Unknown said…
The Never Walk Alone tag for dogs is super cute.
Hafiz Sajid said…
I want. Many thanks very much for this reason blog and publishing. I cherished everyone little little little it absolutely. rangefinder reviews

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