Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Motivate Your Child Action Plan

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Remember when I reviewed the book, Motivate Your Child?  I now have the next book.  It is, Motivate Your Child Action Plan, and will help you with implementing what you learned in Motivate Your Child.  This book was also written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller of National Center for Biblical Parenting.  Take what you learned in the first book and now make it work for you.  The whole goal of this book is to help you make a heart change in your child's life.  You don't want them just outwardly obedient, you want a change from the inside that will be permanent.  Will this book guarantee results?  No, but it will give you tools to work with and help you to see areas that need improvement.

This book will challenge you to look at your relationship with your child and maybe even show you areas you need to change.  You will be encouraged to pray over situations arising and to find ways to help change your child's behavior.  There are spots in the book to make lists of things that need improved and for characteristics you appreciate in your child.  Scott and Joanne will help guide you through the decision making stages and help you form a plan for change.  Included with this book are 12 audio presentations to download from the website.

The book encourages you to work out a 40 day plan.  Using the basis of how often forty days was used in Scripture.  You will be prompted to discuss with your child areas you see in their life that need improvement.  You will also ask the child what they think will help improve the situation or conflict.

I really appreciate that this book focuses on dealing with the child's conscience.  Do they readily admit when they have done wrong?  Do they do what is right?  Do they care about others?  Take time to ponder these questions and find your child's strengths and weaknesses.  You will also discover, if you haven't already, that each child is different and will respond differently to the same motivation techniques.  You may have to design one plan for working with Johnny and a totally different one for working with Suzy.

I definitely recommend you take time to check out this book, Motivate Your Child Action Plan, as well as the prior book, Motivate Your Child.  be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.
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These books seem like they would really be helpful to a lot of parents.