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JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics

JazzEdge  Review
Hey Neighbors!

We had the opportunity to review Easy Piano Basics, a piano course from JazzEdge.  M was so excited to have the chance to learn more about piano playing.  She had a keyboard, but the week I was notified we would be reviewing Easy Piano Basics we found a piano at a re-sale shop.  Now she gets to take her lessons on a piano, not a keyboard.  This was a good investment for her.

Easy Piano Basics is a piano course, that you purchase online and then have access to everything you need.  I think this is perfect for our family because we do not have anyone around in the area to teach her how to play piano, and I definitely do not have that ability.  She is now able to pull the class up on her computer or iPad while seated at her piano and take her lessons without any assistance from me. It is like having her own personal instructor.  I also like that she can take her lessons anywhere we might be as long as a piano is available.

M is actually doing her lessons without any coaxing or reminders.  We don't have to travel anywhere and she can repeat any lessons she would like, any time she likes.  You never have to worry about a scheduled lesson being missed, because you can just fit it in to your schedule.  This is program perfect for the child who wants to learn piano and even for adults who want to learn how to play.  For really young students, I recommend the parents being there, but M, at 14 has been doing the lessons on her own.

After signing in there is a list of video lessons to choose from.  You can start at the beginning and work through, or you can choose a lesson of your choice.  When the video you have chosen ends, you can either move forward or backward one lesson, or go back to the main screen and choose another video.  Very easy to understand and follow.  This class would be perfect for the beginner, or someone wanting to refresh their knowledge.  There are also advanced classes available.  My daughter enjoys that the video shows him playing and giving the lesson instructions, along with a virtual piano where you can actually see the keyboard and watch what is being done.  See the video below.

JazzEdge  Review

Easy Piano Basics is not a subscription that you have to renew.  You can download all the videos and music.  You can come back again and again.  This is exactly what my daughter needed.  She has had some music lessons previously, so sometimes she begins a lesson and if she already knows what is being taught, she just goes right on to the next lesson.

We both recommend this program to our homeschooling friends, and of course anyone else interested in playing piano.  Please take a moment to check out their social media pages:

Thank you for stopping by today and please do visit JazzEdge and see if this would work for you!  See you soon!

Be sure to read what other Crew members had to say about JazzEdge.  JazzEdge also offers a more advanced piano course along with a course on drums, which other Crew members had the opportunity to review.

JazzEdge Review

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craftsonthego said…
I would like to learn to play and read it much better. I am going to check this out. -craftyone

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