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CTC Math Review

CTCMath Review

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Here is another one of our homeschool reviews.  This time we have CTC Math.  This is an online math curriculum where there is a 12 Month Family Plan that works great for homeschoolers.  It is $118.80 for the entire family for a year!  You will be able to create accounts for each of your children, up to ten students.  Each child will have their own sign in and password.

I created an account for both of my daughters, M and M.  They each have their own sign in and I receive emailed reports of their progress.  I can also sign in my own account and review their work.  With the 12 Month Family Plan you receive unlimited access to Kindergarten through Trigonometry.  That means all grade levels through high school.

CTC Math allows your child/children to learn at their own speed.  They can stop at any time and rewind any lesson they want.  This allows them to watch the lesson over until they feel like they have mastered the skill.  I really like this feature.  I can remember with my older children getting frustrated when they did not catch on and I had to explain the process over and over again.  This has made teaching math a little easier.  Most lessons are approx. 5 minutes in length. Once the video lesson is over there is a set of questions to be answered.  You can also print off a worksheet if you desire.  We never used this option ourselves, but this would allow a physical worksheet to be used.

Both of my daughters have enjoyed using CTC Math.  Since quite a bit of our school is already on the computer this fit in perfectly with our school schedule. and set up.  The girls stated that they both feel like they are learning more than they did when we worked out of a physical math book.  They have actually chosen to do several lessons in one day!  Another benefit of the CTC Math is that you can do the class on an iPad.  This is so convenient for us when traveling.  On a side note, my daughter enjoys the teacher's accent!

The program is also perfect for review work for students who need improvement in a certain area.  We used this for my older daughter to review a few areas she felt the need for some extra work in.  She is able to skip a lesson and move on to another at any time.  She does not have to work straight through.  The younger of the two girls has been working through from approx. where she was in her previous math class.  She has shown a marked improvement.  I definitely recommend CTC Math.

Oh, and lest I forget, there are also speed drills.  These are fun to do!  Here they are competing with the clock.  There are several levels to choose from and they cover different skills.  Your child can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, division with remainder and operations.

You can visit their website and sign up for a free trial to get a feel for the program.  This will allow you and your child to see what you think.

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