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Stylish Travel Apparel from Kosher Casual #Giveaway

Finding clothing that can travel well is a difficult task sometimes. Add in the fact that I require my clothing to be modest as well, and that gets even harder (finding modest clothing is hard period!). One of my favorite modest clothing companies is Kosher Casual ; I have had several of their denim skirts over the years, and love each one of them. For summer travel though, sometimes denim is just a little too hot-especially in the type of heat we've been experiencing these past few weeks. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I discovered Kosher Casual also offers maxi skirts; I knew with the quality and style I'm used to from KC, and the added comfort and travel-ability of a maxi skirt, this would be a winner! The Women's Flowing A-Line Maxi Skirt is available in over 15 colors, so you can find one to pair with any top/outfit! I chose the dark charcoal, and was so excited when it arrived-all the way from Israel! The first thing you'll notice when you feel this

Does Your Dog Need Doggles?

Hey neighbors! Planning a trip?  Taking Fido with you?  If you are, you might need to check out Doggles!  We recently received a pair to try out.  We chose a pair in lilac.  Yes you can choose different colors and patterns. Douglas are perfect for dogs whose eyes are sensitive to light, but they are also for the adventurous dog who hangs their head out the window of your vehicle.  Or maybe your special dog likes to ride with you on a motorcycle, or just loves to be outside and needs protection from the UV rays.  All of the reasons mentioned above are good reasons to invest in a pair of Doggles.  Doggles are designed to be protective eyewear, not just a fashion accessory, although they do look great. Just a few facts about Doggles: Douglas are designed for canines. They have a UV coating on the lens. The lens are shatterproof, polycarbonate. They are anti-fog. Designed to fit the dogs face snugly, with foam padding for comfort. Now, how did our dogs like Dog

Magicforest Trudi Puppets Too Cute!

Hey neighbors! Here is an adorable puppet your children will just fall in love with!  It is perfect too for our month of travel as the Trudi Puppets from Magicforest are the perfect size for traveling fun. I like to take all kinds of entertainment fun with me when we travel and the Trudi Puppets fit right in. Your child will be able to create stories with their puppet or just cuddle with their new friend.  Trudi Puppets are available as a Mama Hen and Baby, Mama Koala and Baby, Mama Owl and Baby or a Mama Penguin and Baby.  Our family fell in love with the Mama Penguin and Baby. First a little information.  Magicforest imports products from Europe and then supplies them to specialty stores.  The Trudi Italian puppets are just one of the items they bring to us.  Magicforest has been importing quality toys and playthings for 11 years and are the exclusive distributor of 8 European brands.  You will find their wholesale site at:  You will be

Puppy Update!

Hey neighbors! I just had to share!  These little ones are 5 weeks old now and are getting cuter by the day.  My daughter already wants to keep one! A few of the Blue Merles have blue eyes and are simply gorgeous!  They are so playful now.  They sit and bark at you if you don't pay attention to them.  They also play with each other now, climbing, chewing and rolling each other over. Enjoy the pictures and thank you for stopping in. See you soon!

Travel In Comfort With The TravelHalo! #Giveaway #TravelingDays

This has to be one of the neatest products I have ever seen. Our family travels a lot, and one of the biggest requirements is for each one to have a pillow for sleeping in the car. Another biggie for a few of us is an eye mask, so when we're driving during the day and want to rest, we can. I'm sure many of you can relate, so how would you like a single product that solves both of these issues?!  I received a TravelHalo for review, and just reading about it I knew it would be handy, but after trying it out-it's a winner! Basically a TravelHalo is a headband that has 2 "pillows" towards the back to support your head whether you're driving, flying, etc. The pillows are just the right size to give the support and comfort you need, without being bulky or annoying. You can use it just like this for a comfortable ride, and to me, it's so much better than trying to stuff a pillow between your head and the car window. But the benefits of TravelHalo don

XLEAR Spry Review

Hey Neighbors, How many of you have heard of XLEAR and Spry?  I received a really neat package of samples from them for review in their care kit.  Xylitol is a natural occurring sweetener, that they are using in their health products. Now, I received some gum and mints, both of which quickly were claimed and disappeared.  I did manage to grab the Spry Gems (mints) for myself.  They are residing in my purse.  I also was able to at least grab a piece of the Spry gum before it was claimed.  One piece was all I was able to try.  I like both products.  The other Spry Gems were berry flavored.  Needless to say my family liked them all. We have also used the Spry Toothpaste and Oral Rinse.  I personally enjoy the fresh flavor and I like knowing that my children are using a toothpaste and oral rinse with added benefits. Some Spry Toothpaste Facts: The use of Spry Toothpaste can significantly improve oral health, when combined with proper oral h

Personalized Tote & Cosmetic Bag for #TravelingDays #Giveaway

Personalized gifts are great on so many levels and for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to travel gear. Hard to grab the wrong bag on the bus or the wrong suitcase in the airport if yours are personalized with your name or monogram! That's why I was excited when The Stationery Studio offered to send me one of their Navy Tote and Cosmetic Bag Sets for review during Traveling Days! The bag is made of nylon, so it's very sturdy. The faux leather handles and zipper closure in brown add a classy contrasting look. I was surprised by how roomy the tote bag is; very deep, with plenty of room for even me to pack! We're actually heading to Kentucky on Monday, so I took a picture as I started my packing job. The cosmetic bag is matching, right down to the faux leather (this time snap) closure, and the monogrammed front. Again, this is bigger than you'd think, more than enough to pack travel-sized hair and body care, or makeup and brushes. Bot