Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sheltie Pups! Belle Had Her Pups

Hi neighbors!

Just had to share.  Belle had her puppies.  You will never guess how many she had.  At four my daughter and I decided one more would be great!  Sure enough, she had one more, then another, and then one more!  She had seven pups total!  We are so excited.  We have 5 Blue Merle, 2 boys and three girls.  Then we had 2 Tri-color girls.

This is Belle's first litter and she appears a little bit overwhelmed.  She is also pretty tired. We were basically having puppies all afternoon.   I thought I would take a minute and share a few pictures.

Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!


andrea v said...

That is amazing, what a great experience for your family.

Jackie said...

Congratulations! They are adorable! I hope mom is doing well.

Barbara Montag said...

They are so sweet & so tiny!
thanks for sharing

Nancy said...

Awww..... so cute. With such a big litter, Belle must be Dog Mom of the Year! Congrats to you all!