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S is for Smiling Sunrise a New ABC Book

Smiling Sunrise Review

Hi Neighbors,

For review today we have a new take on an ABC book.  The book is called "S is for Smiling Sunrise" from WordsBright.  The book is written by Vick Wadhwa and is a different type of ABC book then I have ever read before.

Smiling Sunrise Review

Since I have older children, we opted to review the book as a tool for babysitting.  My daughters could easily throw the book in a backpack or tote bag and take it with them to read to a pre-schooler.  We often try to have something new or entertaining for them to share when they watch other children.   S is for Smiling Sunrise is a very colorful book and the artwork will hold a child's attention.  Each page is filled with bright, eye-catching illustrations.  The author designed this book to teach positive concepts and values to his child and has enabled you enjoy to do likewise with your son or daughter.

You can purchase the book for $16 dollars and it includes a MP3 download of the book in song that you will find on the website.  You will also receive access to two downloadable teaching guides.  The guides have questions and other ideas to use with your child.  It is suggested that you have your child learn the headline words first, for example: A is for Artwork.  Once they can recognize these you can begin teaching them the verse that goes with each letter.  Soon they will be able to finish the sentences for you.

Now, I will say that I found some of the words to be what I personally would consider above a pre-schooler's level.  I still found "S is for Smiling Sunrise" interesting.  Here is one example of what I consider above a pre-schooler's understanding:
I is for Infant
Sleeping peacefully
Potential for greatness
Resting gracefully!

One of our friends, an 8 year old we recently had here for a visit, had a few problems with understanding what she was reading.  Even so it will still provide you the opportunity to teach new words and values.  Remember many young children understand more than we think.  I mean, how many toddlers have you seen playing on an iPad or other device?  Most young children will be so busy looking at the pictures and of course enjoying mommy or daddy time that they will probably not even notice the larger words at first.  When they ask questions, take time to interact with your child.  Make it a learning time, like the letter K, which is for Kaleidoscope.  You could purchase a kaleidoscope and explore the colors and patterns.  Use the book as a growing and learning tool.

"S is for Smiling Sunrise" is fun and bright.  Vick Wadhwa wrote "S is for Smiling Sunrise" for his then 2 year old daughter.  He used it to create an opportunity to teach her about beauty and values.  If you are interested in the book be sure to read what the other Crew members had to say by clicking on the link below.

Wordsbright Review

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Marti Tabora said…
I think this is so sweet and cute. Thanks for sharing it.

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