Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun In Louisville #4-Smoothie King #Giveaway

Our family loves smoothies. We make them at home regularly, and also enjoy visiting various smoothie cafes and such to try new flavors. On our recent trip to Louisville we were able to try one that we haven't ever been to before, although I had heard of it, Smoothie King. Smoothie King is unique in that it really has a focus on healthy smoothies, made with fresh, healthy ingredients. Yes, they have a "dessert smoothie" menu as well, but most of their options are fitness, slim down, or wellness smoothies.

We visited the Smoothie King in downtown Louisville on our way into the city. We were greeted by a young lady behind the counter, who was very patient  and helpful with all our questions and deliberating! Eventually each of us chose a smoothie; I opted for the Passion Passport, C had the Island Impact, M chose Peanut Power Plus Chocolate, and the other M had Banana Berry. Let me just say, it was very hard trying to choose one smoothie! Yes, we did some sharing so each of us was able to have a few sips of the other flavors as well. 

The Passion Passport is a blend of bananas, passion fruit juice blend, papaya juice blend, mango juice blend, turbinado, and soy protein. It was very refreshing; I loved all the different fruits! At home we use mainly more basic ingredients; bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, orange juice, etc. So it was nice to have some different, more "exotic" fruits for once. Definitely a flavor I would have again, after I'm done trying the other 10+ smoothies I'd like from Smoothie King!

The Peanut Power Plus Chocolate was also a hit; peanut butter, bananas, non-fat milk, turbinado, soy protein, and cocoa. Even though this is a "dessert" style smoothie, from the Take a Break menu, this still packs a good protein wallop, with 24 grams in a 20 ounce smoothie! It was very good too; you can't go wrong combining peanut butter and chocolate. 

I think the unanimous favorite of all the smoothies, however, was C's Island Impact. Pineapple, mango sorbet, mango juice blend, papaya juice blend, and vanilla protein blend combine for a very delicious smoothie! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Smoothie King, and all the smoothies were great. I will be checking on future trips for Smoothie Kings where we're going; unfortunately our closest location is 2 hours away. But, it makes for something to look forward to on road trips and vacations!

Smoothie King graciously sent me a gift card to giveaway to one of our readers!!
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Leela said...

Kiwi juice blend.

Nancy said...

I'd like to try the Lean1 Chocolate Smoothie.


Jackie said...

I would like to try the Raspberry Collider.
Thank you!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i love smoothie king, and I'd get a strawberry kiwi breeze smoothie.

blessnel said...

I love love love mango so mine is MangoFest!