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Nonni's THINaddictives Mango Coconut

Hi neighbors! You all know that we often receive the opportunity to review the Nonni's THINaddictives products.  This time we were given a box of the Mango Coconut Almond Thins .  They are made with real fruit and have plenty of almonds.  One of my daughters loves coconut, so I have a feeling these will be one of her favorites. The Nonni's THINaddictives come in single serving pouches.  Easy for snacks!  Each pack is 100 calories.  Much nicer than having the box out and to keep reminding yourself that you should only eat a couple.  Nonie's Almond Thins taste wonderful with your coffee or hot tea in the morning.  Enjoy them on the side or dip them right in! My husband says you can taste the coconut!Next time you want a quick, healthy snack, reach for the Nonni's THINaddictives . Be sure to connect with Nonni's on their social media: Facebook - HERE Twitter - HERE

Puppy Update!

Hey neighbors! 48 hours later and everyone is doing fine!  Belle is a good mother.  We have one pup that likes to wander.  She crawls off, gets comfortable then goes to sleep. They are funny when she gets up, because they all squirm around into a huddle to get comfortable.  I can't wait to see if any have blue eyes like their mom. Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!

New Addition to Summer is Coming Surprise Box

Hey neighbors! Here is the new addition to the Summer is Coming Surprise Box!  It is a nail care kit.  Make sure you visit the original post to enter, then share, share, share. See you soon. And John Wesley Torchlighters DVD

Hey neighbors This review if from , a company that makes available quality, Christian and family films.  We received the Torchlighters, John Wesley DVD .  We were aware of Torchlighters  DVDs previously, but had never heard of before.  After visiting the site I am amazed at the wide variety of DVDs that they carry.  They are reasonable on their pricing too. The Torchlighters DVDs are animated videos about Christian through out history.  We already own several of them, so we were quite happy to add John Wesley to our library.  My children have watched many of them over and over.  We also recently had a young lady, 8 years old visiting us, she had a very low attention span.  We turned on the Torchlighters and she was captivated and sat still the entire time.  She asked to watch some of the others that we own during her free time.  Run time is 30 minutes, so it was perfect to watch with lunch or tuck in some time during the day. John Wesley, who was

Natural Energy Juices from Positive Energy!!

As a very active person, I love finding new, healthy ways to add a boost of energy. I'm not a huge fan of the normal energy drinks with all the extra junk in them, but when I heard about Positive Energy , I knew this would be something I'd love! Positive Energy offers you an alternative to those sugar-loaded, chemical-loaded energy drinks with these beverages. Made with natural caffeine (from green coffee beans) and combined with fresh juice, these are both good for you, and good to the taste! I received a sampling of the different flavors Positive Energy offers; strawberry lemonade, peach mango lemonade, lemonade tea, orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, and lemonade. As I said, each one is made with real fruit juice, not an artificial flavoring. Each 10 ounce bottle contains 75-150mg of caffeine.  I tried the strawberry lemonade first; I LOVE fruit flavored lemonades! This was so delicious, even before I chilled it in the refrigerator (yes, I tasted it as

Sheltie Pups! Belle Had Her Pups

Hi neighbors! Just had to share.  Belle had her puppies.  You will never guess how many she had.  At four my daughter and I decided one more would be great!  Sure enough, she had one more, then another, and then one more!  She had seven pups total!  We are so excited.  We have 5 Blue Merle, 2 boys and three girls.  Then we had 2 Tri-color girls. This is Belle's first litter and she appears a little bit overwhelmed.  She is also pretty tired. We were basically having puppies all afternoon.   I thought I would take a minute and share a few pictures. Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!

Revolutionary Ideas - The Story of the American Revolution

Hi Neighbors! Our family recently received the Homeschool Legacy course, Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution  for review.  This is a once-a-week study course on the American Revolution that lasts 8 weeks.  I received a digital download  e-book version.  Normally I am not a big fan of e-books for class unless it is just the book for reading, but this worked just fine. To begin with, each week gives you a list of supplies needed for that week.  Here is an example from week one: 3-ring binder with a plastic sleeved cover Blank paper or construction paper Loose leaf paper A globe or world atlas The game, RISK Now, had my boys been taking the course they would have LOVED playing Risk.  My daughters on the other hand, did not want to play Risk.  The beauty of a course like this though is that you don't have to do everything.  We make adjustments as we go along.  There is a list of books to choose from, that vary in reading levels, and this was

WorkIt Wednesday : Taste Guru - Gluten Free Box Review!

Hello Agents! We have had company for two weeks, so right now we are starting to get back into our usual schedule.  For any of you that are eating gluten free, you will superbly enjoy this review!  Introducing... Taste Guru is a monthly subscription box, but it's not like the others where you receive a bunch of junk food... Taste Guru sends you a box chock-full of gluten free food, snacks, etc.  This monthly box can actually help you on your journey to health and fitness, not detract from it like some others might.   I should have been better prepared, but I failed to get a list of all of the goodies packed into the box before the family tore into it, but I didn't.  Sorry!  I'll try and list some of the items, but I know I won't have everything.  I received a Better Batter Fudge Brownie Mix (yes, it is obviously gluten free!), a Teas'Tea Unsweetened Green Tea, 2 Sample Size Packs of Yum Earth Naturals Sour Beans (E. was more than happy to "disp

Educational Apps for Children : Kids Academy!

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media Blogger Network . All views & opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced in anyway. Kids Academy | Educational Apps for Children Sometimes it can be so hard to find apps for your preschool/kindergarten aged children that they will enjoy, and yet also be educational.  If you have had this problem as well, check these apps out! Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game Educational Books & Free Songs This educational app is GREAT for your preschool and kindergarten kids. They can Trace Numbers/catch fireflies, Simple Addition/help the dog by dragging the bone to the right answer, and Simple number Sequences/basically connect the dots! There are also other "games" that you can unlock such as Simple Subtraction, Five Little Monkeys, etc. Whether waiting at the doctor's office, at a restaurant, or even at home it is sure to keep your little entertained, but also learning at the s

New Health Pet Products #Giveaway!

Hey neighbors! Remember the New Health Pet Products Dog Treats I reviewed last week?  Well if you go back to the original post - HERE   I have added the giveaway.  One neighbor will receive some dog treats for their pet. Take a moment to enter and thanks for stopping in!

Special Giveaway!

Hey neighbors! With all that has been going on lately I have barely been completing posts on the site here.  Well, our company left and we have completed some of the work on our home.  So, back to business here!  We are going to start a new #giveaway box. I think we will call this one the Summer Is Coming box.  To start with we will put in a Vanilla Blossom Body Mist and a Orange Blossom and Honey Moisturizing Liquid Soap. How is that for starters?  Be on the lookout for more additions! See you soon!

New Health Pet Products Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky

Hi Neighbors! Today I had the opportunity to let our dogs try the New Health Pet Products Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky.  Now, may of you know we have 5 Shelties.  They LOVE the word treat.  We have a couple o picky eaters, and then we have a couple that will eat just about anything that smells good. Since we had a little visitor, she wanted to hand out the Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky treats.  Some of the girls, will sit for treats, but others just sort of look at you when you ask them to sit.  She tried Belle first, but  Belle is a little hesitant with strangers.  See Belle below licking her lips. Next she tried Pansy.  Pansy was a little more willing, as long as a treat was involved.  She sits so pretty and waits so patiently New Health treats are made to be naturally low in fat and calories.  These treats are 100% natural and are made in America. From New Health Pet Products: These treats are high in protein, grain free and contain no added

S is for Smiling Sunrise a New ABC Book

Hi Neighbors, For review today we have a new take on an ABC book.  The book is called " S is for Smiling Sunrise " from WordsBright .  The book is written by Vick Wadhwa and is a different type of ABC book then I have ever read before. Since I have older children, we opted to review the book as a tool for babysitting.  My daughters could easily throw the book in a backpack or tote bag and take it with them to read to a pre-schooler.  We often try to have something new or entertaining for them to share when they watch other children.   S is for Smiling Sunrise is a very colorful book and the artwork will hold a child's attention.  Each page is filled with bright, eye-catching illustrations.  The author designed this book to teach positive concepts and values to his child and has enabled you enjoy to do likewise with your son or daughter. You can purchase the book for $16 dollars and it includes a MP3 download of the book in song that you will find on the webs