Friday, April 3, 2015

Look Beyond The Bowl With Wendy's Salads! #FoodieFriday

This weekend we’re going to change it up a little for #FoodieFriday. Instead of sharing a recipe or new tool for your home kitchen, let’s talk about going out to eat. Yes, as a “foodie”, I enjoy eating out sometimes. Finding new foods I like (and can try to replicate at home), not having the clean-up afterwards, or just because I’m out on the go, and need to eat. I pretty much avoid fast food, with a few exceptions-one of these being Wendy’s. Wendy’s food tastes so much fresher than most other fast food! I didn’t realize just how true that was until Wendy’s started a new ad campaign called Look Beyond The Bowl. 

Did you know that when you order a salad at your local Wendy’s, you’re getting the freshest of ingredients? Wendy’s delivers fresh produce to each of their restaurants several times throughout the week-there’s no bagged salad mixes involved! Each morning, employees chop these veggies-lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. When you place your salad entree order, the premium white meat chicken breast is grilled and placed-still warm-on your salad. It’s not just fresh ingredients, it’s freshly prepared just for you!

Wendy’s sent me a gift card so I could try on of their premium salads for myself. A couple of my family members are huge fans of the Spicy Chicken Caesar, but since I don’t like Caesar salad, I opted for the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad. I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d like bbq sauce on my salad. I mean, I love bbq, but I think of beef or pork when I think bbq! This salad features applewood smoked bacon, fire-roasted corn, grilled chicken breasts, bbq sauce, and a bbq ranch dressing. It. Was. Delicious. Bbq and ranch make a great combination for your salad! Definitely a new favorite that I will remember for future road trips and errand days! It was easy to see -and taste- how fresh the ingredients are. No brown or wilted lettuce, soggy cucumbers; instead, fresh green lettuces, crisp cucumber and tomato, and the warm chicken breast all combined for one of the best salads I’ve ever tasted. 

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