Monday, April 6, 2015

Courting Bench or Conversation Bench

Hey neighbors!

Some of you may know that I have discovered a love for antiques.  My husband and I have been taking small trips and visiting antique shops.  Of course, what I love most is finding one of those really unique items at a regular re-sale shop or yard sale.  Anyway, we recently went to a resale shop about three hours away.  It is where I regularly find Boyd's Bears.  They actually have three of their shops within about 45 minutes of each other, so we make the rounds when we can.

We were walking into the last shop when I saw it!  This adorable bench with one seat facing one direction and the other facing the other direction.  There was no price on it, so I searched the shop for awhile and went back to check.  Still no price, so I had to ask someone.  It took them several minutes to find someone with a price.  First they said $149, but then quickly dropped to $100.  I debated back and forth and then called my daughters to look it up online.  They found out it was a courting bench.  It is also called a conversation bench or gossip bench.  It was designed so a couple could sit on the bench and court, but they could not sit too close to each other.  Also made gossiping easier and much more private.

Anyway, I decided to bring it home.  It needs some work.  I will have to sand it down and then I will repaint it with a rust proof paint.  I am so glad I decided to purchase this as I have not seen one anywhere else.  After the work is done, I will post some new pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!


rubynreba said...

What a beautiful bench! I have never seen one like it. You were very fortunate to get this good find. I love to look at antiques too but don't have many myself.

Teacherbug said...

These kind of benches are really neat!