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Circle C Milestones Thick as Thieves by Susan K. Marlow

Thick as Thieves Book Review

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Here is a great book I was given the opportunity to review for the TOS Crew.  It is a book by Susan K. Marlow and it is a Circle C Milestones book, published by Kregel Publications.  It is the first in this set of books and is called Thick as Thieves.  It is one of her Andrea Carter books and continues Andi's tale.  The book is for ages 12 and up.

My fourteen year old is the one who chose to read the book, Thick as Thieves.  She has read several other Andrea Carter books by Susan K. Marlow and loved having the opportunity to read a new one! This book is interesting to her, not just because it features a fourteen year old girl, but it also is historical and deals with a ranch and horses.  Your child will also learn about some US history through reading this story.

Susan K. Marlow is an author, who is also a homeschooling mom and she teaches writing workshops.  She lives on a 14 acre homestead in the state of Washington.  She has become a favorite author of my daughter.  You can connect with Susan at

The story takes place in 1882 in California.  Andi lives on the Circle C Ranch and of course loves horses and riding her palomino.  In this story she has a foal born to her mare, deals with a new classmate who is rough around the edges and to top it off, cattle rustlers appear in their valley.  Andi has to make some choices and decisions on who she can trust and what to do when horses are stolen.  Be sure to get the book so you can find out what happens.

I also received a downloadable study guide to be used with the book.  The study guide is broken down into sections.  Most cover 3-5 chapters at a time, so you can use it several ways.  Your child can read the entire book and then work through each section, reading the chapters as refreshers, or they can just read the required chapters as they go along.  Each section will contain a portion on vocabulary and/or grammar, along with questions regarding what they read, causing them to think more about the story contents.  There are also a few sections that cover subjects encountered in the book like: cattle rustling, lice,  and dime novels.  The study guide is a great help with reading comprehension.  This is easy to incorporate into your homeschool, whether you choose a more scheduled approach, or just as free reading.

We really enjoyed this book and are looking forward to the next book in the series.   Be sure to take time to sign up for the Circle C Milestones' Ezine  to stay updated on new books and what is happening.  Your child might be interested also in Andi's Blog, where they can find out about previous books written about Andi and of course upcoming news.  Also, social media:
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Andi Carter said...

Thanks for your enthusiastic review of Thick as Thieves. It's fun to share the book with not only new readers, but especially with readers already familiar with Andi's exploits. So glad you all enjoyed it!