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World Water Day March 22nd

Hey neighbors!

Back in 1993, March 22nd was declared World Water Day.  This day was set aside to acknowledge the presence of water on the earth and to address the crisis of people who do not have enough water.  World Vision is trying to make more people aware of just how many individuals are without any water, let alone quality water.

So, in honor of World Water Day we received their beautiful umbrella, with the World Vision logo, to remind how rain plays a part in providing water and is a precious resource.

We also received a vibrant scarf in the many shades of color you would associate with water, cool greens and blues of refreshing water! If you donate $95 you can receive this scarf to keep for yourself, or to give to someone special.

World Vision would love to have your help on making an impact, by providing water to people who need it.  So, next time you grab a bottle of cold water, or take a hot shower, take a moment to think about those without the benefits you have.  Perhaps you could make it a family project to help provide water to a needy family through World Vision.

You can find World Vision on their social media at:
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

World Vision is going to give a reader an Umbrella and Silk Scarf, just like mine.  Be sure to enter!  Thanks for stopping by!

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andrea v said…
I attend many fundraisers for people in our community or things like the Red Cross or schools. I don't mind bidding on auction items or silent auction knowing it goes for a good cause.
Linda Trinklein said…
You can sponsor a child.
Or there is a catalog of other items you can buy ( with the processes going to the cause)
Thank you for helping spread awareness!
Marti Tabora said…
I support kids in Honduras, they have so little and they are so very grateful for anything they get. It makes me feel really good to help.
Angela said…
i donate to my local thrift stores
Jennifer Wilson said…
I almost always give 10% of my eBay auctions to charity through the Giving Works program. One of my favorites is Nuru International which helps communities in Africa become self sustaining.
pmj said…
We give to others by volunteering. Thanks!
slate said…
I give to others by donating my time to organizations like Meals on Wheels
Beth said…
I make a point of every time I go grocery shopping of picking up something for the foodbank.
Leela said…
I donate household items.
Unknown said…
we give to the local food bank weekly

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