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Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Soap

Hi neighbors! Great to see you you out today!  I have another excellent product to share with you.  It is a Dial Deep Cleansing Moisturizing Hand Soap.  The Sugar Cane Husk Scrub is new from Dial.  Using the Sugar Cane husk scrub, you will clean, moisturize and scrub your skin overtime you wash your hands! This pleasantly fragrant hand soap comes in a pump bottle to leave beside your sink.  I am thinking of leaving mine near my kitchen sink as I often wash my hands there during meal prep and/or cleanup.  After washing your hands you have a gentle vanilla type scent left behind.  I like this because strong scents often give me a headache. The micro scrubbers are tiny and can barely be felt, yet your hands will feel the difference.  I have found my hands feel soft and smooth after using the Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub.  I recommend keeping a bottle or two on hand. Two neighbors will each receive one coupon good for a free bottle of the Dial Hand Soap.  Take a moment to

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

Hi neighbors, Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office .  This is an online program where you can schedule your homeschooling, keep track of grades, and transcripts.  This is an online homeschool management tool that works with just about any curriculum. Pricing is $79 annually for a family.  There is a free 30 day trial available, which I highly recommend.   All your students and their records will be in one place. HomeSchool Office allows you to go in and assign work to your child/student.  Each child can have their own password to access their account and get to their personal assignments.  You are also able to print off schedules. The entire program is based on POWER. Program Order Work Evaluate Report You can use this thought of POWER as you design and setup your HomeSchool Office. Program is where you plan.  Decide which direction you are going.  Here you will lay out and design your master schedule.  You can bud

Beautiful Hair with Bain de Terre!! #Giveaway #DamageRepair

Hair care is one of the most important aspects of a beauty routine, I believe. For me, having healthy hair is very important. I rarely use heat styling tools, and try to avoid certain chemicals and such in my products. Sometimes though, my hair still ends up getting damaged, from sun (Spring-Fall I'm outside a lot!) and such. Over the winter I've noticed a big difference in my hair; it's been very frizzy, tangles easily, and just overall lost some of it's normal easy-care aspect. When Bain de Terre offered to send me a shampoo and conditioner from their new Damage Repair line, I was excited! With just one use of the Shea Butter and Wild Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner ,  pretty much fell in love. The first thing you notice is the fragrance; it has a wonderful ginger scent that is amazing! The shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean, but without that dried out, nasty feeling. I like that the conditioner doesn't require several minutes to sit in your hair to work; s

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Give Freedom

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for  GoodNites* TRU-FIT*. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” Hi Neighbors, Today I want to share a little bit about GoodNites* TRU-FIT* .  I do not have child who needs these, but I have had experience with more than one that would have benefitted from GoodNites*.  When my oldest two daughters were quite a bit younger, ok, a lot younger, they had a close friend they asked to spend the night.  Her mother came to me and said she could not spend the night because she randomly wet the bed at night and she was too embarrassed that it might happen it she spent the night.  She also felt uncomfortable having my daughters spend the night as she did not want that to happen in front of them.  These would have been perfect to give her the confidence and peace of mind so she could comfortably participate in a sleepover. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is a new type of bedtime protection.  This is an actu

Water Science with Clifford the Big Red Dog

Hey neighbors! Here is a neat little set for doing some water science experiments with your child at home.  It is recommended for ages 3+.  The set comes from The Young Scientists Club and is one of there Science Kits for Little Hands.  Most young children will recognize Clifford the Big Red Dog and enjoy doing these fun water experiments. The kit contains most everything you will need for the experiments.  You might have to add something like, an empty soda can, a squirt of dish soap, or a pinch of pepper.  Most items will be found in your home.  A book is included featuring Clifford, explaining the water experiments. I will share with you here one of the experiments we did.  I don't want to share too much, because I want you to have fun doing these with our own child.  I will tell you a few of the other experiments, so you will have an idea of what can be done.  For example: your child will learn about floating and sinking, three phases of water, colored ce

Warm Melting Chocolate Cake #Recipe #FoodieFriday

Have any of our readers ever been on a cruise? We haven't-yet-but four of use are making plans to be on the Singing at Sea Cruise in February, 2016. This is, from what we've heard, an amazing cruise, featuring some of the best in Southern Gospel music, and daily devotions with some great preachers. This particular cruise visits Cozumel and Grand Cayman, so we're thrilled about (hopefully!) being on it next year! Even though we haven't personally been on the cruise though, we've heard a lot about it from our friends who are among the featured artists on the cruise. One of the things they mention most is the food, and among that, we've heard a lot of rave reviews about Carnival Cruise Line's famous Melting Chocolate Cake. So of course, being a baker who loves to try new recipes, we hunted online and found a recipe from Carnival so we could make these cakes at home! Let me tell you, they are every bit as good as they were reported to be! So, whether you&

Battle Sheep Strategic Fun!

Hey neighbors! We are brining back our game night feature, sharing some of the games we play on our family fun nights.  The first game I am going to share here is called Battle Sheep by Blue Orange Games .  Now, before I even begin telling you about this game I have a confession.  I received this game a few months ago and after looking through it when it first came in I put it on the back burner and basically forgot about it.  Fast forward now and let me tell you we pulled Battle Sheep out and it has become a favorite for the females of this family.  Now, that is not because the males don't like it, but because it only has 4 players we usually do not pull it out when the whole family plays.  (There are 8 of us.) The girls and I pulled this game out when Sunday afternoon while the rest of the family was napping.  We decided we wanted to try something new and Battle Sheep was our choice.  The first couple rounds went slow until we all caught on. became ver

Modern Littles Review!

Hello Neighbors! Although we are pretty busy with company right now, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you about this great company... This is the second time I have worked with Modern Littles, and let me tell you, I have been very impressed both times!  As most of you know, M + M just got moved into their new bedroom.  It's wonderful, but we were also wanting to make sure that we organized everything as we moved it, and kept it nice and neat.  Modern Littles has kindly helped us do just that, as they sent us their Rose Chevron 4 Piece Organization Bundle! This photo is taken from the Modern Littles Website.  Doesn't that look wonderful?!?  We sure think so.  Note : I will be sharing my own photos of our items in use, but I wanted to show how the whole set looked.  This set includes 3 canvas storage bins, and 1 laundry hamper... all in the same gorgeous design!  Before we really get started, I want to tell you a little bit about Modern Littles...

nuNAAT Garlic Magic Hair Care

Hey neighbors! I just have to share this review of nuNAAT Garlic Magic  hair care products.  I have used the entire set the last couple of weeks and I really like the way it makes my hair look and feel.  I have previously tried another nuNAAT product and I have never been disappointed. The Garlic line has four different hair care products.  There is a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and a leave in conditioner.  First of all the shampoo leaves your hair feeling super clean.  Most days I use the shampoo followed by the conditioner.  About once a week I add the mask.  I vary when I use the leave in, though it is generally when I am planning on going out that day.  The fragrance is extremely pleasing too!  No, it does not smell like garlic. One thing I like about the Garlic line is it can be used on all hair types, although it is also a drawback, because everyone in my family has tried it!  My daughter even mentioned that when I went on a trip recently she missed my shampo