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Nerf Dog Toys and Belle!

Hey Neighbors!

Back to our Petacular Mondays! Well, on Tuesday this week.   We have been so busy since the beginning of the year.  Tomorrow I will tell you a little about it, but right now I want to share some Nerf Dog Toys!  Belle really had fun playing with them!  We received a Nerf Dog Squeaker, Nerf Dog Tuff Toy, Nerf Dog Flyer and a Nerf Dog Trackshot Flyer.

We decided to save the Trackshot Flyer to use as a giveaway!  The rest of the toys we took out in the snow for Belle toppled with.  She is our Blue Merle Sheltie.  We also brought Grace out for awhile to play.

She really likes the Squeaker, because it makes noise of course.  She loved having M throw the toys and then she would race after them.  We had a hard time catching her and the toy at the same time in one picture.  She was having so much fun!

She played with all three toys, but like I said she really liked the Squeaker.  Of course chasing anything in the snow was fun!  We let her play with the Squeaker afterwards too!

Waiting for the Nerf Dog Flyer!


I'm ready!
 Nerf Dog has several different toys for your dog to play with.  Be sure to visit their website to see all they have available and then you can click Buy Nerf Dog and see all the retailers, including online that carry Nerf Dog products.  I am thinking Belle would probably like to try their Howler Flyers and the Jai-Aili Ball Thrower.  Well, the Thrower would be for me to use!

It's not squeaking.

Here I come!
Grace also had some fun outside with the Nerf Dog Toys.  She liked chasing the Tuff Tug.  Each of these products are well made and are holding up to being played with.  As with any dog toy be sure to inspect them on a regular basis so you can pull them if any damage is occurring.

Be right there!

I'm going to get this one!
Grace and Belle are going to enjoy using their Nerf Dog Toys.  They might even share with our other Shelties.  Glory has puppies right now, so she is not really interested in anything else.  All of these toys can be played with inside, although I do not recommend tossing the Tuff Tug or Squeaker inside unless you have plenty of room, and no breakables sitting out.  The Flyer could easily be tossed around some inside as they are soft and flexible.

Thank you Nerf Pet for allowing our Shelties here At the Fence try out some of your dog toys.  Now, for the giveaway.  We will be sending the Trackshot Flyer to the winner of this giveaway.  Take a moment and follow Nerf Dog on their social media.  Thank you for stopping by and please stop by again soon.

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Nancy said…
Our daughter's Pomeranian Georgie has destroyed his own less sturdy toys, various cat toys, and perhaps a shoe or two.
Linda Szymoniak said…
I have five rescued Treeing Walker Coohounds, and except for my senior girl, they are very active, playful dogs. There are SO many things they have decided were their toys - pillows and cushions from a living room sofa, dust pan and broom, shoes, etc. I like to provide my pack with toys to keep them busy - and keep them away from non-toys at our house. They are rather rough on toys, too, so we go through a lot.
Marti Tabora said…
Oh my goodness, my dog can wreck almost anything. One day I bought a toy that was supposed to be really durable and gave it to my dog. In about 30 minutes he had it in tiny little pieces. He also has destroyed a set of lawnmower tires playing with them.
Darlene said…
My dogs take the kids stuffed toys and destuff them all over the house.
Shelley P said…
Our dog, Kody, thought the Christmas tree ornaments looked like fun balls to play with :) He took them off our tree and pushed them under his blanket and then pounced on them breaking them all. We know use plastic ornaments :)
Unknown said…
My dog Brutus, has made short work of nearly every toy we've gotten him. last week I ordered him 2 Kong toys, a solid rubber bone and a jumping jack type rubber toy. all he has left is a slimy, dirty stump of what was once the jumping jack toy. Not to mention the chair he chewed on when he was teething, and just, oh so many pairs of shoes!

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