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Dolly In The Window $5 GC Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! I have opened an Etsy shop to sell some of those vintage dolls.  I have named it " Dolly In The Window ".  In honor of my new shop, I am going to giveaway a $5 GC to Chick-fil-a!  All you have to do to enter is visit my new shop, come back here and leave a comment about one item you like and then share for more entries. That sounds pretty easy, right?  Let's go then!

The Queen's Treasures Doll Clothing and Accessories

Hey neighbors! Here is a really nice company that provides doll clothing and accessories for 18" dolls, The Queen's Treasures .  We received the Salvation Army American Uniform.  It is adorable and looks great on her doll! My daughter is a history fanatic, so having the opportunity to receive a uniform representing the Salvation Army was pretty exciting.  She has read quite a bit about the founders of the Salvation Army.  The packaging for this particular outfit tells the story of the First world War when Helen Purviance  was sent to France in 1917.  She was an ensign in the Salvation Army and they were to offer comfort to the home-sick soldiers.  She decided to make them doughnuts.  They could only serve 150 doughnuts the first day due to having little to work with and barely any proper tools.  They eventually worked up to 2500-9000 a day once they had a fully equipped kitchen. Not only does The Queen's Treasures have the Salvation Army Uniform, they

Heirloom Audio Production's In Freedom's Cause

Hi Neighbors! Here is a really exciting Christian audio drama we recently had the opportunity to review.  It was created by Heirloom Audio Productions .  It is called In Freedom's Cause Single Package , adapted from G. A. Henty's book of the same title.  This audio drama is made for ages 6 - adult and is 2 1/2 hours long.  My daughters listened to it in it's entirety in two nights.  They told me they couldn't get to sleep because they were enjoying the story so much.  You can order the 2 CD set for $29.97 plus shipping and handling.  You will also receive some added bonuses that includes an eStudy Guide, perfect for homeschoolers. In Freedom's Cause tells the true story of William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce.  I want to add here that I could sit and listen to it for hours just because of the accents, but it truly is an interesting and attention grabbing story.  Set in Scotland this tale tells of how one man's faith moved a group of farmers, shepher

Answers In Genesis Creation Museum Part 2

Hey neighbors! Here is Part Two of our visit to the Creation Museum .  If you wish to read the first post, that talks about Buddy Davis, click HERE .  Part Two of our visit is going to cover the Insectarium! The Insectarium was not there the last time I visited, so we made sure to visit this time.  They have so many displays of insects.  It is amazing how many different shapes, colors and sizes of insects there are.  What a beautiful display of creation.  It is interesting to learn about different insects and how God created them with certain abilities. You will get to "meet" Dr. Crawley's Assistant who will share some amazing facts with you. I do want to share some great news here that I just received from the Creation Museum: there is a Spring Break special if you are interested in visiting the museum.  Here is an excerpt from their email: For a limited time, we are offering a  $99 Spring Break Getaway Package . This package is valid for up

Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

Hey Neighbors! Many of you know we too a quick trip to visit the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Hebron KY.  You heard about our trip there and how we ended up traveling the last portion of our trip in a snow storm.  I have already shared some of those pictures. Here is what I am going to do regarding the Creation Museum.  I am going to write a couple of posts because while we were there we visited the store and I picked up a few things to giveaway.  So, this first post will be about the Buddy Davis concert we went to. Buddy Davis, creates most of the dinosaurs on display at the museum.  He also teaches, sings and does workshops with children at the museum.  Over the years my daughters have attended a few of the workshops and they have loved them.  In one of the workshops they created a dinosaur head sculpture. Buddy Davis also has several music CDs.  We own several of them and we purchased another one when we visited this time.  Of course we listened to it se

Mike and Ike Sweet and Hot Tamales

Hey neighbors! We were able to try the Mike and Ike Passion Mix and the Hot Tamales!  They arrived just in time for February 14th.  Needless to say they disappeared fast!  My 14 and 17 year old daughters decided to try each flavor separately first.  The Passion Mix includes Cherry, Grape Strawberry and Paradise Punch.  They both decided that Cherry and the Paradise Punch were the best.  Their older brother, who has a sweet tooth, didn't care which flavor he ate!  He thought they were all super! The Hot Tamales were also a big hit as they have a strong cinnamon flavor!   These ones disappeared off my desk and I never saw them again.  Not even the empty box. Mike and Ike candies have been around for years and were a childhood favorite.  I am enjoying the opportunity to share these with my children. From Mike and Ike: MIKE AND IKE®  is a Brand of fruit-flavored Candies first introduced in 1940 by the company Just Born Inc.  Popular flavors include: Original Fr

Snow Storm Amazon $5 GC Giveaway

Hey neighbors! Well, we headed out yesterday morning for the Creation Museum in Hebron KY.  Little did we know when we left that we were going to run into a snow storm!  We actually drove the last few hours in a snow storm.  We hit snow in Indianapolis and it continued the rest of the trip.  We saw three accidents shortly after leaving the Indianapolis area. The snow continued to fall, sometimes heavy, occasionally lighter.  The wind did not help any.  We drove reasonably slow the rest of the way.  We did have drivers that whizzed by paying no attention to the road conditions. As we neared our destination I called the hotel to find out how the weather was there.  The woman working the front desk didn't seem to think we would make it.  She said it was pretty bad.  Needless to say we made it.  As we entered the hotel a Dominos delivery driver was leaving.  Since we had not yet eaten we asked if they were still delivering.  He said yes, but he was aggravated as

GoldToe Support Socks For Work-It Wednesday!! #WorkItWednesday

Compression socks may not be the first thing you think of for a workout. And for a lot of workouts you'd be right. However, I have an ankle that tends to give out during high-impact activities such as running, jumping rope, etc. I've sprained it twice, and now I have to be careful with it. One thing I've found that helps is compression socks or sleeves. I have tried a lot of different brands in the past, but recently I received a couple pairs of the Women's Support Knee-High Socks for review from GoldToe, and they are now my favorite! The first thing I noticed as I put my GoldToe Support Socks on is that they are a much higher compression than any other brand I've tried. This is a very firm compression, which makes it perfect for wearing during running, racquetball, or any other high-impact sport. There are toe and heel "pockets" to allow normal fit in these areas (unlike some other compression-type socks that just cram your toes together!) but the