Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Sister's Southern Gospel Gazette!

Hello Neighbors!

I just want to do a short post about a new blog, Two Sisters' Southern Gospel Gazette, my sister and I just started!  We will be posting Southern Gospel concert reviews, interviews, and just little tidbits about our favorite artists.  Here is a little bit about the blog and about us.

Two Sisters' Southern Gospel Gazette is run by two sisters, Modesty and Mercy, who have been listening to Southern Gospel Music since they were quite young.  They both really appreciate SGM and the artists and want to share their love for it!  So if you are even slightly interested in Southern Gospel Music or want to learn more about it go check out Two Sisters' Southern Gospel Gazette.

We are also doing a giveaway on the blog right now, 6 different cds, each winner will receive ONE cd.  If you have a question you want to ask us you can contact us there!  If there is anyone you would like to see featured on our blog, please contact us or leave a comment.  Thank you!

See you At The Fence.

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