Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our New Bedroom!!!

Hello Neighbors!

If any of you have been watching my mom's Facebook page recently, you'd know that my sister and I are getting a new bedroom!! :)  We have been finding a lot of our ideas on Pinterest.  We have known for a little bit that we would be getting one, so now that it is finally happening we are REALLY excited!  We are going to be doing corner beds, sort of like the picture below.  We think this will be really nice.  When the bedroom is finished we will share some photos!  The construction should be done today!

Can you tell we like When Calls The Heart? We will be getting a canvas of this!
We will be doing some corner shelves.
We LOVE this idea!
The pictures are just of few of the ideas we have found.  I hope you like some of them!  Feel free to share any ideas you have.
See you soon At The Fence!


Barbara Montag said...

Oh wow love it!

msmissy02 said...

It looks beautiful! I love the big chandelier! DamianMom at yahoo dot com