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One More $5 Amazon GC

Hey Neighbors!

Today is Petacular Monday!  As such we are going to give away another $5 Amazon GC in honor of our pets.  You know we have a few Shelties, 2 cats and of course our Chinchillas!  So hurry up and enter this one.

I also want to give you a sneak peek at what we have coming up for our pets!  I have a  Tuggo Dog Toy.  We also have lined up a few toys from Nerf Dog!  The Shelties are having fun!

To enter this giveaway take a moment and tell us about your pets favorite toy.  If you don't presently have a pet you may share about a previous pet, a friends pet, any great ideas you can come up with.

Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!

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Laura said…
My dog that I had in college took it upon himself to make one of my slippers his favorite toy! My slippers had a little dog on them. I guess he thought it was his friend! LOL
Linda Szymoniak said…
Well, we have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats - all rescues. For the dogs, three of them just love the holiday edition stuffed dog toy from Petsmart. I bought a couple of them last year just after Christmas when they were on clearance and tey really wore them out, so this year I grabbed the last three our local Petsmart had on clearance and the dogs are loving them. For the cats, all three love the laser light. My daughter's cat, Arata, loves straws - common plastic drinking straws. He has an entire collection of them!
Jackie said…
My dog has a pig squeek toy that she likes to play with.
Connie Sowards said…
Our cat loves old hairbands. She also loves a toy mouse that has a slight jingle/click sound when you shake it. It's interesting to me that the mouse was just a dollar at Dollar Tree and the hairband came in a pack of 20 or so and neither cost more than a dollar. I've paid more for toys that she has little to no interest. It reminds me of parents buying an expensive toy for their children and then the children play with the cardboard box that the toy came in which was free :)

I'd say that both "toys" are tied when it comes to how much she likes them.
Angela said…
my friend's dog loves a tennis ball
Marti Tabora said…
My dog has a a high heeled shoe squeaky toy that he loves and he carries it around all the time.
Angie Bailey said…
My dogs love playing with anything but they really like old socks that we occasionally give them, or newer socks if they can sneak them away. (Eigna Yeliab)
Rachel said…
My cat's favorite toy is a furry ball
Anne D. said…
My dog's favorite toy is a tennis ball:)
annejk112233 at yahoo dot com
Jennifer Wilson said…
My guinea pig's favorite toy is an empty toilet paper tube filled with timothy hay.
scottsgal said…
my Doberman loves her nylabones for tough chewers and her kong. She chisels her bones down to a point - we tell her she's secretly making and selling shanks for prisoners.
msmissy02 said…
A cat I used to have used to love just this toy dangling from a string. DamianMom at yahoo dot com
Debra Guillen said…
My cat's favorite toy is an empty 12 pack soda box. I opened it on both ends and she loves to run into it at top speed and slide across the kitchen floor. She will play for hours with it. The top has the hole where you carry the full box with and she will throw her toys into the hole and then retrieve them.

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