Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Cold Outside!

Hey neighbors,

It has been bitterly cold here the past few days.  We had one night that was -20 and the wind chill was -35.  That is just plain cold!  Then we decided to have a girl's lunch.  My oldest daughter and then the two younger (14 and 17), went to lunch and did some shopping.  It was 8 degrees out.  After lunch they decided Dairy Queen sounded great and they ordered ice cream!

We have taken several pictures of the snow, frozen river, our visiting birds and a few other interesting pictures and I decided to share some them today.

Duck blind on the river.

Frozen view!

Old house by the river.

Horses in their blankets.

Frozen Falls!

Early Morning

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Stay warm and see you soon!

1 comment:

Terra Heck said...

That picture of the frozen falls is beautiful. It's been cold here too. Can't say I'm a fan of it.
My 15 yoa son loves DQ and will also eat it in the dead of cold.